Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Feb 4, 2007




Detroit Free Press:

The old interview studio at Plymouth-Canton Schools' radio station is so cramped that two people are hard put to crowd inside. And they'd have to be standing. But hey, who needs comfortable surroundings and in-studio guests? WSDP-FM (88.1) is radio, not TV. Listeners don't need to see who's talking -- in their imagination, they can cook up any old face for the announcer, who might be sitting in the studio naked and nobody would know. He or she might be talking to somebody halfway around the world, and you'd think both people were side-by-side. Radio. It's the sound... 35 years of sound (Sun, 2/4)

For a show that just from its title might suggest a night of strong opinion, the second installment of the Emery King- and Paul W. Smith-hosted "Bridging the Racial Divide" is a surprisingly calm hour of largely informational TV. It's long on matter-of-factness and, perhaps surprisingly, low on passion. Mused Kingberry Productions' Tom LoCicero: "The most effective way to get to people is to appeal to rational self-interest. At a time when this community is under siege economically, it's a good time to think about the advantages of working together." Airing at 10 p.m. Monday on WTVS-TV (Channel 56) with audio simulcast on WJR-AM (760) and WDET-FM (101.9), this episode examines the cost -- much of it not very apparent -- of metro Detroit's segregated living patterns... 'Bridging the Divide' has calm view of racial issues (Sun, 2/4)

The Michigan Roundtable for Diversity is sponsoring public previews of the TV program "Bridging the Racial Divide" Monday at various locations throughout metro Detroit. The group is inviting members of the public to attend one of several viewings at which 50 to 100 people will eat a light dinner, watch the program and share their thoughts. The program will be shown at 7 p.m... Preview is planned for TV show on race issues (Sun, 2/4)







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