West Michigan: Newsmakers Feb 26, 2007




Muskegon Chronicle:

Even when he was a youngster growing up in Muskegon Heights, Paul Allen Billings dreamed of being on radio. On some days his bicycle would just sort of steer itself over to the WQWQ studio on Peck Street. There on the sidewalk, straddling his bike, he would stare through the window, captivated by the disc jockey working the mike inside. Did the deejay ever stare back?... Muskegon's black radio stations find community of waiting ears (Mon, 2/26)

Wherever there's a path, someone had to break the trail. On Muskegon's radio airwaves, that someone was Mattie Wesley Davis. It was Les Edwards. It was Saranto "Shabadoo" Waller. Davis, better known as "Mother Davis," was the Jackie Robinson of local broadcasting. In 1947, the same year that Robinson first tugged on a Dodger uniform, Davis broke in with a Sunday morning show on Muskegon's WMUS... They broke the color barrier of the air (Mon, 2/26)


Paul Boscarino Joins Regent/Grand Rapids As Dir./Sales: PAUL BOSCARINO joins REGENT COMMUNICATIONS/GRAND RAPIDS as Dir./Sales after a decade long run at CLEAR CHANNEL/GRAND RAPIDS in the same capacity. PAUL told ALL ACCESS, "When my 10-year position as the DOS for CC/GRAND RAPIDS was eliminated as part of the restructuring leading up to the sale, REGENT was at the top of a very short list I compiled of broadcasting companies I wanted to work for because of their quality operation here and the respect I formed for BILL STAKELIN dating back to when he re-energized the RAB. Upon arrival, I quickly discovered what a truly terrific company REGENT is, and I am very happy to be part of it." (Mon, 2/26)







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