Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Mar 20, 2007

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Detroit Free Press:

Steve Harvey arrived 18 months ago in the kingdom of the radio shock jocks, where the royalty included Howard Stern, Don Imus and Opie and Anthony. The "King of Comedy" surveyed the raunchy landscape and launched his morning drive-time show with some trepidation. "I was concerned about it," Harvey said recently after finishing his four-hour weekday show at WBLS-FM. "But I am who I am. I can't stop being who I am. I'm not a mean-spirited guy." And so Harvey started his nascent show each morning with 12 minutes devoted to gospel music and God -- a stark contrast to Stern's salacious satellite shenanigans, or Opie & Anthony's weekly Wednesday hunt for female flesh... Steve Harvey's radio show No. 1 among urban stations (AP- Mon, 3/19)

Dennis Miller Launching With Over 80 Affiliates:
WESTWOOD ONE's DENNIS MILLER will launch on over 80 stations, including in seven of the top 10 markets, when the show hits the air on MONDAY (3/26). Among the charter affiliates are SALEM Talk KRLA-A/LOS ANGELES, WIND-A/CHICAGO, WNTP-A/PHILADELPHIA, KSKY-A/DALLAS, WORL-A/ORLANDO, KNUS-A/DENVER, KKOL-A/SEATTLE, KYCR-A/MINNEAPOLIS, and WDTK-A/DETROIT and CLEAR CHANNEL Talk KNEW-A/SAN FRANCISCO and KTRH-A/HOUSTON. MILLER will broadcast live from NEW YORK in the show's debut week, with RUDY GIULIANI and DANA CARVEY among scheduled guests. (Tue, 3/20)



I am sorry to hear that Michael Savage is being replaced on WDTK, a sure ratings winner. Maybe WJR will pick him up when the ABC stations are taken over by Citadel, where he is carried on many of their stations.






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