Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Mar 5, 2007




Port Huron Times Herald:

What we now call alternative rock was once known as “college rock.” There’s a reason for that. In the ’80s, the bands that laid the groundwork for the alternative movement got the majority of their airplay from college radio stations, which had a greater willingness to play nonmainstream music. Back then, that included St. Clair County Community College’s WSGR-FM (91.3). But for the last decade, college rock generally has been absent from this college station, which instead has played mainly smooth jazz and soft pop. While you still may hear some Kenny G on the station — particularly if you tune in this week while students are on spring break — his days on WSGR are numbered... Voices of change- College DJs working to change station’s format (Sun, 3/4)

Daily Press and Argus:

By day, he's Nick Giles, a regular 21-year-old Green Oak Township resident who loves music and enjoys the outdoors. By night, when he hits the RIFF2 airwaves, he becomes Tre. He's a DJ who spins hip-hop, indie rock, metal and lots of new local groups trying to carve out a name for themselves. He isn't afraid to play anything because he knows people his age love variety... Brighton grad makes waves on radio (Mon, 3/4)

Detroit News:

The rabbit-eared TV has less than two years to live. And forget trying to buy one from your neighborhood electronics store. We're coming to the end of analog. Analog broadcasts -- a basic TV signal sent through the air -- are set to end in 2009. That's when TV signals become a digital stream that only the right kind of TV or converter box can decode... Time is running out for rabbit ears (Mon, 3/5)







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