Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Mar 7, 2007




Detroit Free Press:

What to make of Arbitrend's Tuesday radio ratings release for November, December and January? Pretty much what you'd expect... Winter good to WWJ; Drew & Mike tops in a.m. (Wed, 3/7)

Mix 92.3 leads the pack in 12+ radio ratings in first winter Arbitrend

Adult urban WMXD-FM 92.3 lead soft rock WNIC-FM 100.3, news/talk WJR AM 760, urban WJLB-FM 97.9 and smooth jazz WVMV-FM 98.7.

Detroit 12+ ratings,

WKRK's Doyle Launches 'Pwned Radio' Video Gaming Show:
CBS Talk WKRK (LIVE 97.1 FREE FM)/DETROIT afternoon "DEMINSKI AND DOYLE" co-host BILL DOYLE is launching a weekend gaming show, "PWNED RADIO," with co-host and tech guy SHANE HAMELIN, on the station starting this SUNDAY night at 7p ET. DOYLE, whose gaming exploits include the invention of the "Gamer Trough," a device to allow obsessive gamers to munch on Cheez Doodles while their eyes remain transfixed on WORLD OF WARCRAFT, will talk about video games with co-host HAMELIN, known to D&D listeners as "SHANE THE WORM SNORTER" for having pulled that particular stunt on the show; he is a webmaster who has written several popular game strategy guides. (Tue, 3/6)







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