West Michigan: Newsmakers Mar 15, 2007




Grand Rapids Press:

It was a truly extraordinary way to say thanks. To show gratitude to WBCT-FM (93.7) and its listeners, one of the biggest acts in country music, Big & Rich, delivered a free acoustic show Monday evening in The Intersection. The multiplatinum duo -- comprising Kenny Alphin and John Rich -- has embarked on a special 10-city tour, performing in radio markets that helped launch and support its career, and Grand Rapids was the lucky first stop... Free show (and beer) lets fans feel Big & Rich (Tue, 3/13)


WFGR Adds Tom Kent's 'Classic Top 40'
REGENT Oldies WFGR/GRAND RAPIDS will begin airing TKO RADIO NETWORK's "Classic Top 40 Weeknights," hosted by TOM KENT, on MONDAY (3/19). PD LEN O'KELLY said, "WFGR is all about having fun, and TOM's show makes me remember when radio was fun. I expect he'll be a hit with our nighttime listeners." (Wed, 3/14)

WAY-FM Passes 100 Signals
WAY-FM MEDIA GROUP COO LLOYD PARKER announced yesterday (3/13) that WAY-FM now airs on over 100 signals, with two recent CHRISTIAN HIT RADIO SATELLITE NETWORK (CHRSN) affiliate signings, Christian CHR WONU/CHICAGO and Christian AC WJQK (JQ 99.3)/GRAND RAPIDS. “These are two great radio stations, and we’re excited to expand into these new cities,” said CHRSN GM FARON DICE. Although WONU is new to CHRSN, WWJQ is a previous affiliate. WJQK GM TROY WEST said that the station has “received a lot of response to bring TOTAL AXXESS back to JQ-99.” (Wed, 3/14)







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