Metro Detroit: Newsmakers April 10, 2007

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Crain's Detroit Business:

Detroit ABC affiliate WXYZ-Channel 7 will look to broadcast another conference in an attempt to recoup revenue now that the Big Ten is moving its non-national football games this fall to its own satellite channel. Last season, WXYZ bought 11 games, including six with either the University of Michigan or Michigan State University, to broadcast over the air in addition to the network games, said Marla Drutz, the station’s programming director. With the advent of the Chicago-based Big Ten Network, those games no longer will be available for over-the-air broadcast. The 24-hour network starts in August on DirecTV and initially will carry at least 35 football games not picked up by ABC or ESPN... Big Ten Network takes football games from WXYZ (Mon, 4/9)

Detroit Free Press:

The apologies have been made. But the story is far from over. The Don Imus controversy has moved on to the implications of what happens next -- to his career and, more important, to the national conversation about race. Word broke Monday night that the syndicated "Imus in the Morning" radio show will be suspended for two weeks on CBS Radio and MSNBC, beginning April 16... Apologies, and then what for Imus? (Tue, 4/10)

Yes, we are angry over radio host Don Imus losing his mind on his nationally syndicated show and calling members of the Rutgers University women's basketball team "nappy-headed hos." But step away from the anger for a minute. Imus may have done us two favors. First, his comments were incendiary. If they incite haters to do harm, then he will have aided and abetted hate crimes, which has to make law enforcement consider hate speech as a motivation for crime... Get rid of Imus -- and sexist rap, too (Tue, 4/10)

This isn't shaping up to be a good week for womankind. I've written recently about the twin oppressions of racism and sexism, arguing that for me, the sting of sexism cuts deeper. As if to help me reiterate the point, along comes shock jock Don Imus, insulting the Rutgers University women's basketball team, eight of whom are African American... Imus insult is a double whammy (Tue, 4/10)



If anyone cares to read it, One of our writers on Highbrid Nation actually worked wit Imus over the last few years and had some really interesting things to say about the whole situation with Imus and he also has some inside info that the media hasn't mentioned about the whole story.

Stupid, racist comments on the radio get the nation polarized to ban "hate talk". Ever listen to an urban talk/music station? Should we yank Hispanic broadcasters for non-favorably charged speech? Listen to Rush Limbaugh lately?

Yes, Imus deserves a reprimand. As does everyone who makes their daily living putting down or demeaning someone else in a harsh, crude, and hateful way. But let's not go firing everyone, or we'll be listening to sanitized satellite-fed crap designed to not offend (which will offend our senses even worse).

The more we put "Big Brother" in charge, the more we erode at our rights. How many stupid decisions were made because of Zero Tolerence, and how many times was Zero Tolerence used because case B sort of looked like case A, so everybody gets punished equally regardless of the person's intent?

Let's stop the madness. Boycott Imus, lettuce, J.K. Rowling, Pat Robertson --- any one or thing you find offensive, but let's not restrict free speech. Dumb as most if it may sound, it is a precious right that should never be taken from anyone.






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