Metro Detroit: Newsmakers April 13, 2007




Detroit Free Press:

CBS dumped Don Imus from his radio program Thursday, a major move in a media saga that has morphed into a societal referendum. It was a significant moment not just for broadcasting, but also for the culture at large. "Not having him on radio completes the penalty or response that was commensurate with what was done," said Rev. Horace Sheffield III, who's been involved in local efforts to call for Imus's firing. Sheffield said the pressure was on CBS to act, especially after MSNBC announced Wednesday it was canceling the Imus simulcast...
Imus' firing resonates beyond radio (Fri, 4/13)

Oakland Business Review:

If there's one thing Metro Detroit can't get enough of, it's sports. But are there enough sports fanatics in the metropolitan area to support two 24-hour sports-talk radio stations? So far, the answer is yes. Southfield-based WXYT-AM (1270) in January announced a contract extension with the Detroit Tigers and Detroit Red Wings, making it clear the station will continue battling Farmington-based ratings and revenue leader WDFN-AM (1130). "The great thing about sports stations has been even though they never do well - if you look at the ratings book, they're never a big contender - they're wonderful for reaching males," said Dick Kernen, vice president of industry relations for the Southfield-based Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts. "As such, they are great favorites for people who like to sell things to men." Because of that, both stations have earned revenue that would be hard to match if they changed formats. WDFN has been the traditional winner but has lost ground to its competitor in both the ratings and revenue categories. WDFN grossed $5 million in 2005, according to BIA Research Inc., compared to $4.2 million for WXYT. The 2006 number is likely higher for WXYT, though, thanks to the World Series run of the Tigers... WXYT, WDFN battle for 1st place in sports radio (Thu, 4/12)







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