West Michigan: Newsmakers April 16, 2007




Grand Rapids Press:

Radio is changing right before our ears. So far, it's subtle. But it's happening, and soon enough, it might alter how we listen to the radio, in West Michigan and everywhere else. High-definition radio has started its takeover of the industry. Most West Michigan stations have been broadcasting in HD for months, if not years, and as HD radios are becoming more widely available, listeners soon will notice the differences. First is digital broadcasting with CD-quality sound. Second, and perhaps more important, is the possibility for each station to carry up to two secondary channels... Highly defined: Digital radio brings extra channels (Mon, 4/16)

With a new general manager and news director on board, changes are continually being made at WWMT-TV (Channel 3). WWMT expanded the morning newscast to three hours, from 5 a.m. to 8 a.m., including two seven-minute segments from the CBS Morning Show at 7:20 and 7:45 a.m... Channel 3 beefs up morning newscast (Mon, 4/16)

Andy Pepper, new weekend sports anchor at Channel 3 , spent his first week on the job covering the Detroit Tigers' opening day... New sports anchor checks out Tigers (Mon, 4/16)

Many West Michigan residents returned from their spring vacations in tropical climates to low temperatures in the ever-changing Michigan weather... How to read the Weather Ball (Mon, 4/16)


Spade Named PD At WHTS/Grand Rapids:
CITADEL Top 40/Mainstream WHTS (HOT 105.3)/GRAND RAPIDS has a new PD, with former WQSL & WZKL/GREENVILLE-NEW BERN, NC PD JACK SPADE taking over PD duties. SPADE's first day is today (4/16). (Mon, 4/16)







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