West Michigan: Newsmakers May 11, 2007




Grand Rapids Press:

It's sweeps month in television. The most competitive month on the calendar for local TV affiliates, however, doesn't prevent the sports directors from all three Grand Rapids-based stations -- or local radio personalities -- from joining the same team for one night. The 10th-annual Mentor West Michigan Sports Awards, which takes place Monday night at DeVos Place, is a special event that unites all of them... Awards banquet unites TV, radio personalities (Fri, 5/11)

Grand Haven Tribune:

I have always been fascinated with radio. As a kid, I remember working with my brother to build our own radio in the basement. I was thrilled when it worked. We turned the dial and shouted with glee when we heard broadcasts. It was astonishing to think that this sound just came through the air all around us, like magic. As I grew up, my interest in radio continued. I was more particularly concerned with content, such as finding out about new music and staying informed with news reports... Local radio provides more than one kind of rhythm (Fri, 5/11)







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