Rhonda Hart, WMUZ morning co-host, dies at age 46

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Rhonda HartHeartbreaking news from Christian WMUZ-FM 103.5 as Rhonda Hart passed away suddenly overnight at the age of 46. The cause of her death is unknown at this time.

She had been co-hosting mornings with Jon Culbert at WMUZ for just over two years and had a long career in radio in Detroit that spanned more than 25 years at WABX, WRIF, WYCD, WOMC, WCSX, and WDRQ before joining The Light in April 2005.

Culbert bravely hosted the morning program this morning in tribute to Hart and featured many guests discussing Hart's life and faith. All expressed their shock and sadness over the suddenness of Hart's death as everything had appeared to be normal in the hours leading to her passing, including during yesterday's morning show on WMUZ.

Hart is survived by her husband Eric and other family members.



I worked with Rhonda at WMUZ, and loved the way she was so real and open --- in person and on air. She had so much love for radio and her listeners. Since she became a Christian, she always wanted people to know how real Jesus was in her life, and how she had such peace knowing God and His Love. Her work here is done, and now her talents are on-air in Heaven. Prayers please for Eric and also Jon.

Rhonda had a very contagious personality on-air, which is the only place I had the chance to get to know her. She was very real and very personal. She had a testimony to share and wasn't ashamed to share what God had brought her through. My prayers are with her husband and her radio family. I thank God for the opportunity to have had my life impacted by her testimony.

Rhonda Hart was an amazing woman. I got to enjoy and take in her awesome testimony. Words cannot express how her testimony effected so many people.

I was so shocked to hear that Rhonda passed away. She interviewed me several times about my book and abusive life and always had the most uplifting positive things to say. She was a genuine, loving woman with the grace of God all over her. She got really personal a couple of times when we chatted about a year ago and said she was feeling quite tired all the time, but wasn't about to give in. She loved her life, her hubby, her dog (s), and ministry of reaching others all over the country. She was/is such a blessing and I'm so grateful to have known her. God bless her family and everyone at WMUZ--I know the news saddens me, so I cannot imagine your great loss! I pray that God will help you all through this and lighten your loss as you realize, that with a wonderful heart and faith like hers, she is in HEAVEN, making everyone smile up there! Lisa Freeman

About a year ago now my portable radio just switched to WMUZ for no apparent reason. I kept it there and loved listening to Rhonda and Jon talk in the morning about everything and Christ in their lives. She was so sincere in her belief. I was a believer already but I believe I was led to hear her in my life to bring about the realization that everything we do should be about our belief. Life on this earth is short and God will call us in his time and since we do not know that time, we need to make the most of our time here.
God Bless

All of us at Grace Gospel Fellowship and Grace Centers of Hope will always love and remember Rhonda. We all cherished her very much.

Rhonda started my mornings off to a very spiritual and positive day. I will miss hearing her laughter and voice. Rhonda, thank you for making Jesus so real in my life. I will think of you every morning on my daily drive to work and miss hearing your voice. May your talents go with you in Heaven. God Bless!

I remember Rhonda way back when she hosted secular radio. Her life has been totally transformed and the beauty of it is... that God has used her past to minister to people and bring the LOVE OF CHRIST to life.
What a blessing she was too so many. God had a purpose for her life here and her mission is now complete. Thank you Rhonda for your dedication to The Kingdom Of God. You will be missed and always remembered.

Rhonda came to our church(Parkwood Gospel Temple in Windsor) about three months ago and sharred her awesome testimony.I listened to Rhonda when she was on WRIF I was unsaved and she was unsaved.I listened to Rhonda just about every morning to get my day started she inspired me and always had an ability to open my heart so a little light could get through. i will try to shine a little light into the people in my life as she did.

The Morning Show with John and Rhonda was the only morning show I've ever listened to regularly. I loved the dynamic between the 2 of them and they always made me smile. Rhonda seemed like such a wonderful, REAL person. I think it's amazing how the Lord used her very public life as a testimony of God's grace, mercy, and life-changing power. What I especially loved about Rhonda was her strength and boldness about what she believed. Not only did this boldness show when she spoke about Jesus, but it showed when the morning show transitioned to the Bob Dutko show at 10am. Rhonda would often challenge Bob's views, which I loved! Not because I 100% of the time disagreed with Bob, but because it showed her strength of character - how she spoke up when she saw things differently or felt strongly. She brought compassion to the table. And she always made her viewpoint known in a very soft, loving, and open-minded manner. I completely respected her for that. My heart goes out to her family, friends, & coworkers.I'm especially saddened by the fact that Rhonda will not be able to see John get married- a topic I loved to hear her look forward to each morning.Rhonda - you will be missed.

Whenever I listened to Rhonda, I heard her speak so personally and thankfully about her salvation, and I got the impression that God in heaven was saying, Look what I did!- because she believed & confessed her life to Jesus, her life is now fresh & renewed!!
What a living, vibrant witness for us all.

I had a brief opportunity to work with Rhonda as she co-hosted our christian charity concert for people with disabilities. She was so humble and the love and compassion she showed to the people struggling with disabilities was amazing. I am certain she is receiving her rewards in heaven for her Christ-centered submissive servanthood.

Jon and Rhonda became a "Have To" in the morning. The energy between the two was so dynamic and refreshing. Listening to the show the past couple days has been even more astounding as to her every day life was that of the life of love. She showed Jesus through and through.. in each encounter she made known that Jesus was not only the person whom changed her, but was her best friend! She lived daily for him, what a testimony and what a legacy she leaves us!! We will see her again soon, and until then to quote Rhonda, "May the Good Lord Keep you in his Care" We miss you Rhonda, and Jon we love you and to her husband we pray for the comfort only Jesus can bring!

We never met her personally, but through the radio show we loved her and appreciated her love for Christ and for life...We sure will miss you Rhonda!

I am saddened and shocked at the passing of Rhonda. She was a very genuine person, and I appreciated her bold testimony for her savior Jesus Christ. My love and prayers go out to her dear husband Eric, her co-host Jon and other family members, including her family pets, which I know will miss her loving presence in their lives.
My God Be Gloryfied!
See You In Heaven Rhonda!

I just found out about the passing of Rhonda Hart. I feel like I have lost a friend. I listed to Rhonda years ago on the weekends when she hosted over easy and when she left that station it was not the same.
One day on the way to a new job I heard her voice as I was radio channel surfing...I stopped and listed to her distinct voice and felt I had found the voice I had missed. Every morning I would listed to John and Rhonda..Just today...I learned of her passing. You see I am a Christian preschool teacher and the last day of work for the summer was last Friday...so I didn't hear the news when it happened.
What a powerful testimony she has given in life and death and I will always remember her distinct voice and her powerful intercession with the Lord and her viewers. How wonderful for her to hear the Lord say to her Good work faithful servant. She has sent ripples out to those far and wide...a faithful servant to our Lord Jesus Christ.

I loved listening to Rhonda in the morning! Her energy and passion for the Lord always touched and motivated me. Many mornings when I was going through a difficult time, listening to the morning show encouraged me tremendously.

One thing I will remember about Rhonda is she always shared her love of Christ for others. I think the legacy she would want us to carry-on is TO MINISTER TO THE HURTING, THE POOR, THE LESS FORTUNATE... TAKE EVERY OPPURTUNITY!...This is where you will find contentment in life!

Dear John and staff:

We are so very sorry for your loss. Know that you are loved.

Carmen & Charley Van Acker

My deepest sympathy to Rhonda's husband, her family, her WMUZ family and her loyal listeners. What a gift God gave everyone who had the pleasure and privilege to know her personally or know her only through Christian radio. Although I did not have the privilege to meet her, she touched my life every morning on the Jon and Rhonda morning program at WMUZ. She wore her heart on her sleeve and her open, honest pride of being a child of God inspired me. Even in her passing, she is still a living lesson, as evidence in Jon's ability to come to work and carry on, knowing she is in Heaven, and thrilled for her. There is so much we can learn from her, beyond the grave.

This is Jon Culbert's fiancée. I loved getting to know Rhonda from the coffee breaks that they did at churches and from random concerts that we would attend with Rhonda. She was always on the go, always looking to do something. When I say do something, it was always something for the Lord. I was privileged to get to know her. I took a picture with Rhonda on May 12th. She was at my bridal shower. She was so sweet and she asked me before the shower what I "really wanted." I had Jon tell her I wanted the slow cooker that was on our registry. She went and, God bless her heart, got it for us. I'll also never forget when we went to the After's concert and she was rockin' out just as much as I was, and I was 21 at the time. She had her fun no matter her age. I just thank God that she had turned her life over to the Lord. She was so fun to get to know. We will miss her.

My sincerest sympathies go out to Rhonda's husband and family. I met Rhonda through the local music and recording community. I had the good fortune of working on several projects with her. She was an incredibly friendly and wonderful person. I always felt it was a priviledge to be friends with a local legend that happened to be one of the sweetest people I knew. We lived in the same neighborhood and ran into one other to from time to time, and we'd always take a moment to catch up, which was great. The best memory I have, though, is the time my friends and I went to see The Moody Blues at Freedom Hill, and Rhonda was among the folks from WCSX hosting the event. I caught her eye as she was preparing to help introduce the band and she waved me and a few of my friends over. She was just awesome. She hugged me and made us all feel special. My friends were blown away. Here's a local celebrity and she takes the time to make us feel welcome right before she's supposed to call a band up to the stage. But, that's the way she was. Absolutely one of a kind. I'm so fortunate for having known her. She will be missed.

I worked with Rhonda myself doing many thing in the broadcasting industry ,also working at WMUZ, she was a Christian lady I won't forget, and to her husband Erik , she will not be forgotten , but loved my many , I last saw her at the 2005 radio reunion ,and was very chipper.

RHONDA R.I.P. God Bless

I've known Rhonda for many years through several Detroit radio stations, more recently WMUZ. It made my day the morning I tuned in to the new morning show on WMUZ to find Rhonda Hart after all of these years. I called her that morning and it was awesome to hear her testimony first hand. She and Jon have been such a blessing. Her love for Christ and the lost have been an inspiration to me. She had such boldness which challenged me often. I will miss her comforting voice and the laughter of Jon & Rhonda each morning. My prayers go out to her husband Eric, Jon Culbert and surviving family and friends.

Holley Martin

We remember Rhonda from her early days of broadcast. She has been an icon in our Detroit area, and we are so blessed to have been touched by her love, her faith, by her testimony. God gives us angels, and takes them away all too soon, but Rhonda was taken at just the right moment. God knows why, God provides us with the power of his love, the victory because of his salvation, and the joy of knowing that we shall be with Rhonda again -

And for those who remember Rhonda from back "in the day"... SHE'LL ROCK ON IN ETERNITY!!!!!

God Bless Rhonda's loved ones, co-workers, and audience!

I was so sad and shocked to hear of Rhonda's passing. My prayers go out to Erik and Rhonda's family and friends, along with Jon and her WMUZ family and listeners. Rhonda was such an inspiration and I related to her in so many ways. I would like to have met her in person, she was one groovy chick! Rhonda and Jon made me laugh and I loved the chemistry between them, it was a great way to start the day. I will miss her voice, her stories and that laugh. She still will have an impact on my life and I will try to share the love of Christ whenever I have the opportunity. Looking forward to meeting you in Heaven Rhonda!!!

Rhonda Hart had a contagious love for Jesus Christ, and I will miss her on the radio in the mornings. Eric, my deepest sympathy and continued prayers go to you, all the family members, those three precious young girls Rhonda loved so much, and her co-workers, especially Jon. My hope is that in her death, her testimony speaks volumes to those on the fringe of accepting Jesus Christ as their personal Savior!!! I can picture the Lord hugging Rhonda and saying, "You were a good and faithful servant!"

I loved listening to Rhonda and Jon. I was on vacation, when a friend called and told us that Rhonda from the morning show had passed away. Like many others I am in shock and dumb founded. I never met Rhonda in person, but I feel I knew her. She will be missed, and things will be harder for those who are left behind, so my prayers are for Jon, Erik, and the whole WMUZ family, and other listener. We need to take the listen from Rhonda and shout to the world who Jesus is, and what He can do in your life. He will help you through this storm.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Eric, Rhonda's family and the entire WMUZ family. The loss of Rhonda will be felt by many. Her impact on the world will be felt for many years. I loved my mornings with Jon & Rhonda. Jon has my most deepest admiration for using only what could be God strength and pushing through this week.
I will be praying for everyone who's lives have been touched by Rhonda as the end of this week will be very difficult for those of us who are left behind.

We were blessed to know Rhonda. She was at Oakridge here in Fraser,buying lunch at the deli. My wife asked her if she would come to the school to talk to the children. She said she was on her lunch break, but no problem she was happy to do it. That was the beginning of a 15 year freindship. We found out that she had trouble with her car and let her use our car. She saw a man and girl sleeping under the overpass at 8 mile and 75. She tried to get help for them and made sure that they had food. When she couldn't feed them she would call Sandi and ask if we could check on them. She kept a close eye on them until they were helped. Rhonda loved dogs and cats, she had a cat that stole her jewelry and hid it all over the trailer. We all planted a tree at her trailer to beautify the area. She had signed my hat from Builder's square. I will never get rid of that. she was talking on the radio about a man that was a cheapskate. She got upset with me when I called her on the radio and told her that I bought a roll of toilet paper 4 ply and tore it apart to make 4 rolls.
She thought that I was serious! I had to tell here that I was just joking. She was always talking about her sister and the "girls",she was always so proud of them. I was afraid for her when the stairs at the hall that she rented ,fell during her wedding receiption. I could go on and on!Rhonda was a great person and a faithful servent of Gods. She and Sandi would talk about Gods love and I know that she is with him now. I just wanted to tell you all how I remember Rhonda and I know that she is now a true angel because she always was. Erik we mourn for your loss but rejoice for Rhonda she has gone home!

I have listened to Rhonda since the old WABX days. One morning, I couldn't believe my ears when I heard her voice on WMUZ! It's always great to hear someone from the BC days give their life to Christ. My heart goes out to her family and friends, but Rhonda is rejoicing in the presence of Jesus.

Although I'd never met her, Rhonda was always an inspiration to me. I'd put the morning show on frequently just to feel connected to such wonderful, faith-filledChristians as John & Rhonda; while living in less than perfect circumstances over the past two years.

And, I must say, if anyone deserved to be with Jesus sooner than later, it was a stunningly whole Christian woman like Rhonda. May her ministry continue to lift the hopeless and streghten faith in our Lord and savior, Jesus.

With love, gratitude (and admittedly some selfish remorse),
Kimi Louria

I have been a listener of the WMUZ for about 3yrs now.The only radio station i tuned to while driving. I also called in to say hi and even just to have the opportunity to speak with the them. they cheered up my mornings and Robin takes over later in the day.
I personally never saw Rhonda but spoke with her often. She was simple , polite always said "My Sister" . Gave me opportunity to do a shout out and recorded it.i feel like i have known her all my life.

From her stories and testimonies of her boldness, trilled me. and even became more real this week how much of a virtuous woman she was.
She has left imprints in my life i can and never will forget...As i see her life and thank God He put her in mine so i can grow better.

My prayers go out to her hUsband and family and her co -workers. May go grant everyone of us the strength as we pass through this . She was an inspiration to me.
We love her but Christ loves her more.

With love

One morning I turned into WMUZ and heard this voice I didn't recognize and she caught my attention. I was going through a very dark time in my life, my son had been arrested and we didn't know the outcome of the situation.. I remember hearing over and over again from Rhonda, no matter what happens in our lives God is there, He never leaves us or forsakes us. He love us, no matter what our past.. He loves you!!! How I held onto those words, and each morning she would encourage me with her testimony, scripture, laughter, and her JOY!! I praise God he brought Rhonda to WMUZ even for the short time she was there, she touched many lives, and I am one of them. I am a changed person because of Rhonda Hart..

First thing I do is turn the radio on to listen to Jon & Rhonda every morning along with my cup of coffee. I am saddened that Rhonda has left us, but a great family reunion is waiting for us. We will never have to be introduced, and all this sad stuff will be the thing of the past. Right now we see though a glass darkly but then face-to-face. It is comforting to know that even though Rhonda is not here that her prayers still go on. I will keep Eric & Jon in my prayers along with the WMUZ family. Rhonda will be greatly missed. I loved listening to her speak about her amimals and took her side. I have 9 Dachshunds

My many tears turn to joy when I think of where you are now. How blessed you are to be in the presence of our Lord and Savior. We do not understand why God takes some that are such an AWESOME presence here on earth but I just want to say Thank You, Lord for bringing Rhonda onto WMUZ. Rhonda and Jon have warmed my mornings and she will truly be missed. I keep reminding myself about Elijah and Elisha. God took Elijah home but Elisha got the spirit of Elijah when asked, so I remind myself that all that were a part of the morning show whether a co worker or listener we got a part of Rhonda's spirit and now lets continue her legacy her on earth!!!! My deepest sympathy for Eric, family and close friends.

"Like a thief in the night".... As a listener from Canada, these are the last beautiful words I heard from this AMAZING woman's voice/heart. She is a "BELIEVER" if there ever was a believer. I am soooo proud of her. Rhonda's agape love and honor for EVERYONE is a true Christ-like example I really need to learn from and follow. I am eternally grateful to God for her. "Jesus, scoop up ALL of Rhonda's family and friends and poor out your all-consuming love and peace on them. Fill them with yourself and take from them their sorrows. Fulfill in them all, the purpose of your cross so they can REALLY know you, just like Rhonda does now."

I use to sometimes doubt my faith in Jesus, but when I listened to Rhonda she would let me know I was only fooling myself. I never met Rhonda but it was like you knew her and her faith in the Lord. She is home now and waiting for us. She will deeply be missed. Please keep Her husband Eric and her family in your prayers.

I'm a sophomore in high school from Snohomish, Washington. I met Rhonda at my youth group's winter camp on Mt. Baker last February. I was inspired and influenced by her like no one else... she was dynamic, friendly, captivating, and so honest. I was moved by her testimony and presentation. I was honored enough to talk with her afterwards, and she gave me a copy of a book that changed her life, "The Cross and the Switchblade" by pastor David Wilkerson. Even after camp, she took time out of her surely very full life to correspond with me through email... me, just a high school kid she met at camp on the other side of the country. Rhonda was an amazing servant of God, and she influenced many lives in His name. Thank you God for Rhonda Hart.

-Deryk Machado

I had just started listening to WMUZ again for the first few weeks I would hear the station manager hosting the morning show. Then one day I had heard Jon and Rhonda I was over joyed to hear Rhonda's voice as I had heard her on WCSX and on WRIF. After that week was over and the station manager came back on the air. I was (no offense) sad I wanted to hear Jon and Rhonda they had made such a great team and you knew they both had a fire for God. I believe it was the following week that they were hired at WMUZ and started the Jon and Rhonda Show.

While listening to the show for the past couple years I have enjoyed listening to both Jon and Rhonda. They both are very encouraging and uplifting to listen to. I will miss hearing Rhonda's voice and hearing her talk about her animals, her "girls," her unique way of feeding her cats, and her extraordinary ministry.

She touched so many of us with her encouraging words and her compassion for the people that she would minister to. Regarless of wheither she knew it or not. She ministered to everyone that listened to the show. I have heard to that she ministered to everyone she could. God has truly worked through her. God has blessed all of us who listened to her on the radio and for those who knew her. Rhonda's ministry I'm sure will live on through everyone who will remember her. I know for me I look to her as an example to be more bold in my witness as she had been.

I have been keeping Erik and her family in my prayers, as well as Jon and her WMUZ family as well as her listeners. Her mission on this earth has been completed. She is now in heaven with Our Father where there is no more tears, only happiness. John 14 1 - 3 can give us comfort as Jesus says:
1"Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me. 2In my Father's house are many rooms; if it were not so, I would have told you. I am going there to prepare a place for you. 3And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am. 4You know the way to the place where I am going."
I rejoice for her but I am also saddened because just like everyone else I will miss her too!

I was a long time listner of WMUZ and when Rhonda joined the station I was very excited having been familiar of who whe was from different radio stations. In listening to her talk about her life gave me inspiration, hope and a feeling of closeness since we both owned many cats. I had emailed her and surprisingly got one back which was a total thrill. I continued on listening for a while and then for some reason I drifted away from the station and my walk with the Lord. On Mon 6/4 I was channel surfing and came to WMUZ - I listened for a moment and remembered what was missing in my life and to hear Rhonda's voice made me smile. On Tues I tuned back into WMUZ excited that I was going to hear Rhonda again and start back in my walk with the Lord, but then Jon announced the devastating news that had me in shock. I cried all week long, and in disbelief that she is gone. But I'm learning that life is just too short to not live it and that is what Rhonda did. I pray for her husband, family and friends that they find the comfort they need in our Lord God. God Bless

I have listened to Jon & Rhonda ever since 2005. They were both at the height of stardom, and I certainly enjoyed them. For the most part, Rhonda enjoyed delivering jokes and also having an understated piece of theory that almost no other radio host would have. She'd been a blessing to me and I was extremely thankful to have a hostess like her. On a few occasions, once I call her, I either request a song or to send her a word of encouragement, most of those have already paid off. What I've also learned of her was that many times, audiences can stay as charming as her, when to be charming, and Rhonda always had that knack of being in that persona. She always kind of sent me some hugs with dances, each time, because I've been very friendly unto her as much as for any other radio personality I've been so close to, for so long. I've always loved Rhonda, and now that I'm going to miss her, she's going to continue dancing in Heaven with the angels and other deadly people that are around her. I have always loved you, Rhonda & I'll dance with you one day, when I get to Heaven, too!!

I started listening to WMUZ the 1st week that Jon & Rhonda were on and I have been a faithful listener since. It was so hard for me to explain to the people I work with last week why I was so sad about this friend that I had lost, whom I had never met personaly but I felt as if we knew each other. I can honestly say that my mornings will never be the same without her. I am so happy that she is home with our Father, and I pray for the loved ones she leaves behind especially her Husband, her "Girls" and Jon. I also want to send a word out to those who loved Rhonda who still may not have recieved Christ yet, and let them know that what they loved about her was Christ's Love that burned so bright in her, it's what we all loved about her.

A tragic loss and deeply painful... I find no words to express my shock and sadness...I sincerely pray that the Good Lord watches over her, where she is beyond all earthly bindings.

I also pray that her loved ones find strength to bear this immense loss.

I am sad to hear of Rhonda's passing. I mainly know her from WMUZ and when I was younger I listened to her on the rock-n-roll stations. Less than a year ago I met her at Metro South Church. A very humble woman!

She was a walking testimony and will truly be missed. Missed for her non-judgmental ways, her love, grace and mercy for people.

Last thing I remember her speaking of was the grief she had for the passing of her dog. I can picture Rhonda now playing with her dog in heaven...... No more tears, no more sorrow for Rhonda.

We'll see you soon one day :- )

Today,I came across this page,and my heart felt a tug....I met Rhonda when I use to play in secular bands back in the 80's. She was such a sweetheart...I was so excited to know she had turned her life over to Christ! Not too many people are willing to walk away from the secular market when it comes to the music business.And not too many have the courage to stand their ground when it comes to being a True Christian.She indeed is dancing in heaven to the sweetest music ever! Jesus has her where she needs to be! Right up there with those angels!!
"I will keep her husband and family in my prayers" Sincerely,beaux Mitchell Minetola

I was shocked and saddened last night when I heard about Rhonda's passing. I knew her from the ABX days and worked with her at a club here in Detroit back in the early eighties. She was a sweet woman and I remember, had lots of friends and was committed to her life in radio. I know that she will be sadly missed.
J Ciaravino

I have not been able to process the loss of Rhonda, she was such an inspiration to me. I started everyday with John and Rhonda, she was like a breath of fresh air. I know our faith is in God that never changes or leaves us, but I will really miss that encouraging delightful voice as I start my day.
God bless you all and my you receive peace that surpasses understanding.






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