West Michigan: Newsmakers June 8, 2007




Ionia Sentinel-Standard

WION, Radio 1430 in Ionia will be stretching its signal area thanks to a construction permit granted to the station by the Federal Communications Commission in late April. However, it may be a year before listeners in fringe areas such as Portland, Lowell, Rockford and Carson City begin to hear the improvements. The station's owners, Jim Carlyle and Jim Aaron, said this improvement will put a more circular signal over the entire area and bring Portland, Lowell, and Lake Odessa, along with more of I-96, into the primary daytime signal of WION. “Belding and Greenville will also remain in the strongest signal area,” Carlyle said. The area where the station can be received will be expanded to include Grand Rapids, Lansing, Charlotte, Hastings and St. Johns, according to the station's engineering firm... WION set to expand its signal (Fri, 6/8)







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