Metro Detroit: Newsmakers July 19, 2007




WTVS Ch. 56 to be off-air for maintenance at times this weekend

The Channel 56 analog transmitter antenna will be shut down for tower work early Saturday morning from 3:30-5:30 a.m. ET. A second shutdown will occur on Sunday, 7/22 from 7-10 a.m. The antenna work will affect only viewers who receive the station's analog broadcast over the air or on satellite; cable subscribers will still receive Channel 56 during the shutdown times. WTVS' digital broadcasts (56.1, 2, and 3) will not be affected by this work.

Detroit News:

The radio world has been buzzing since New York's CBS Radio -owned WCBS-FM dumped the Jack FM format on Friday and reverted to oldies. It was two years ago, that the successful oldies station enraged many listeners (including New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg ) by dumping its predominantly '60s music mix and disc jockeys, for "Jack." The Jack format -- known as "Doug-FM" here in Detroit -- mashes together a disparate mix of songs, mostly from the '80s, but dipping into the '70s, as well. The intent is to ape the jukebox qualities of an iPod to draw a younger audience. Proving the fallacy of programming local stations from the home office, some markets have embraced Jack while in others, it's tanked (in Detroit, Doug, aka WDRQ at 93.1-FM , isn't a smash hit, but does reasonably well)... 'Oldies' have a hard time finding space on FM dials (Thu, 7/19)

WDET plans week-long coverage of the 40th anniversary of Detroit riot

Detroit Public Radio will be airing special reports beginning Friday, July 20th through Friday, July 27 relating to the riot that happened in Detroit in July 1967. These special features will be
aired during "Morning Edition" (weekdays from 5am to 10am), "Detroit Today" (weekdays from 10am to noon) and "All Things Considered" (weekdays from 4pm to 7pm).

Highlights from the many stories the WDET news team is working on

Friday, July 20: Noah Ovshinsky takes a look at the summer of love -- looking at the counterculture (hippies) in Detroit that summer before the riot began

Monday, July 23: Pat Batcheller visits 12th and Clairmount; View of the riots from reporters (archive piece)

Tuesday, July 24: Owners of burned out businesses reflect on the riot; Two ministers do what they can to recapture the peace

Wednesday, July 25: A look at how Detroit's music was affected by the riots

Thursday, July 26: Quinn Klinefelter looks at the view that the disturbance was a rebellion...not a riot; A look at the creation of Focus Hope and New Detroit

Friday, July 27: A broadcast of part of a panel discussion at Wayne State University on what Detroit is doing to move forward







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