Mid-Michigan: Newsmakers July 11, 2007




City Pulse:

Pretend you’re Governor Granholm on the morning of Monday, July 2. Your daily planner says among the many things you have going on, you have two scheduled interviews with competing Lansing talk radio stations before 10 a.m. WILS, Michigan owned and locally operated, requests an interview for its "AM-Lansing" show, hosted by Walt Sorg. It’s his first day on the job. Just a quick chat, you think. You dial them close to 9 a.m. It’s over in five minutes. Shortly after 9 a.m., you’re calling into WJIM’s morning program, “The Big Show,” talking about biodiesel and the like. You know WJIM well because it has the dominant, established morning talk show in town. You see and hear from WJIM all the time. After a quick chat, you drive down to Albion to speak about alternative fuels at 11 a.m. And whom do you see when you get there? WJIM, of course. They just finished their morning broadcast from the gas station where you are speaking. WILS? Nowhere to be found. David, meet the Goliath of Lansing airwaves, at least in this particular fight...WJIM vs. WILS: The battle for talk show listeners (Wed, 7/11)







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