WBKP Channel 5 Calumet drops ABC for CW+

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Upper Midwest Broadcasting reports that the simulcast of WBUP TV 10 Marquette and WBKP TV 5 Calumet has ended with WBKP now carrying programming from CW+, a 24-hour service that carries shows from the CW network along with syndicated programs. WBKP first signed on in 1996 to become Marquette's ABC affiliate and was paired with WBUP in 2003. The move to CW+ will likely result in the addition of WBKP to cable systems across the area where the station can be viewed over the air at a minimum.



Your new networking with CW was not a good decision. The shows from CW network are terrible. A lot of people in my viewing area including myself will no longer watch your station. The shows seem to be second class shows that other networks would'nt want. I loved watching your station before but not anymore.

We live out in the middle of no where, and channel 5/abc was the only channel we got. Now we have no news, no weather, nothing. We have to listen for the weather and news on the radio. We are unable to get cable because the stop service 2 miles from our house, and they wont bring it out here. Also we have too many trees to get satalite. So we are stuck watching infomecials and sitcoms. This switch was not a good one. And as of today, we dont even have the CW because all it is, is static.






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