Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Sep 21, 2007




Detroit News:

This was a prison camp. Barbed wire and black bread. No comically bumbling guards. No "Hogan's Heroes." This was real, and this was bleak. But the former prisoner setting the scene is Sonny Eliot, someone who turns a weather forecast into a stand-up act, whose glass is always half-full and the prettiest one on the counter. So when you ask him about World War II, he points out that it's poor planning to be captured by the people you've just bombed. And when he brings out the scrapbook he kept during 14 months at Stalag Luft 1, the first thing he turns to is a memo the German commandant wrote after he had the phrase translated and discovered that "bleeping goon" wasn't a compliment. For six decades, Eliot has been a fixture on Detroit television and radio... Eliot stays sunny -- even about POW experience (Fri, 9/21)

Around The World In 10 Days
CBS RADIO Country WYCD/DETROIT morning show co-host/producer STEVE GRUNWALD will be dropped off at the airport by morning show co-hosts DR. DON and RACHEL this morning (9/21). GRUNWALD is being sent to a location determined by WYCD listeners' online voting and will be faced with getting back on $99.50. He has previously made it back from the AMAZON JUNGLE, ALASKA and NEW MEXICO on $99.50 -- without using commercial transportation.

To raise the stakes, ARISTA artist BRAD PAISLEY has placed a bet with GRUNWALD that he must visit 10 countries in 10 days to receive 20 backstage passes for the OCTOBER 4th PAISLEY tour stop. If not, GRUNWALD must emcee the show in a revealing TARZAN-like outfit. During his adventure GRUNWALD will be checking in with the station via satellite phone and will be keeping a blog. Keep track of him at (Fri, 9/21)


Radio One Urban WHTD (HOT102.7)/Detroit taps sister station WIZF (101 The Wiz)/Cincinnati for its new night slammer Big Greg. (Fri, 9/21)







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