Mid-Michigan: Newsmakers Sep 23, 2007




Flint Journal:

If you're planning to watch Ken Burns' exhaustive World War II documentary, "The War," at 8 tonight on PBS, you might want to tune in a little early. Duane Zemper, 87, is the subject of the WFUM-produced documentary, "WWII: Through the Lens of Duane Zemper," which debuts at 7:30 tonight (repeat at 8 p.m. Oct. 6) on Channel 28. It's part of a three-pronged PBS effort to tell the stories of area men and women who contributed to the war effort. In addition to the Zemper documentary, produced by regional Emmy Award-winner Donna Ryen, several area residents were interviewed by WFUM staff for segments posted on its Web site (www.wfum.org), where those who lived through those world-changing years and their family members can post their pictures and recollections. Zemper, a Flint native and Howell resident, had a bird's eye view of it. Literally... WFUM brings local War stories to life (Sun, 9/23)







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