Northern Michigan: Newsmakers Sep 23, 2007

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Get well wishes to engineer Brian Brachel

Broadcast engineer Brian Brachel was severely injured recently while working with 6000 volts DC at the transmitter site of WNBY-FM Newberry. According to fellow engineer Del Reynolds, Brachel's hand and arm took the brunt of the damage with burns and cuts from his hand and out the top of his shoulder. His arm drew the current and tripped the 150 amp breaker or this would be a much sadder story.

Del's report continues that Brian was alone and really dazed but managed to crawl out to his car and drive himself holding an old rag on his arm to lessen the bleeding. He was able to call Mr. Reynolds who met him and drove the rest of the way to Northern Michigan Hospital in Petoskey. From there, Brachel was transferred via ambulance to Spectrum in Grand Rapids where he is currently recovering in the ER burn unit.



I am Brian Brachel's oldest daughter, I work for WKHQ-FM and WMKT-AM, and my family and myself included thank everyone for their love and support through this rough time. He is doing much better today. However, we are unsure as to when we will be able to bring him home, they are still monitoring him for the time being. Again, thank you all...any questions or comments feel free to contact me via email (hospitals + cell phones = bad idea) at

Best wishes to Brian and Godspeed to a quick recovery! Brian is one of the finest people I have ever met. I worked for him for many years and have very fond memories of our friendship. I know I speak for many others when I say that we hope to see him fully recovered and back to good health as soon as possible.






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