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Rumors are running white-hot that CBS radio is about to pull the plug on the Free FM hot talk format in Detroit as soon as tomorrow and replace it with the sports format that currently airs on WXYT AM 1270.

On September 26th a request was filed with the FCC to change the call sign of FM 97.1 from WKRK-FM to WXYT-FM and there are reports that long-time Free FM afternoon drive hosts (Jeff) Deminski & (Bill) Doyle have cleared out their belongings from the station- Friday's program was a 'best of'. The D & D program has long been the station's most successful show and if they are indeed out there will be many disappointed fans who will no doubt be angered by any format change that doesn't include the popular duo.

There have been several similar rumors about changes to 97.1 in the past few months that have been false, but this is the first time there has been some concrete evidence of a change to the station, even if it is only the call sign that is changing.



If the rumors about WKRK 97.1 FM are true, I think that it would be good if that station got rid of "Opie & Anthony". I have read about them on the web, including all of the trouble that they've been in. I feel that they have no place for morning radio. Morning radio needs to be informative, and most importantly, family-oriented and community-oriented. That in my book would help radio generate sponsorship and money, and stay in business.






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