Detroit Sports Powerhouse launches on 97.1 and 1270

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WXYT-FM/AM “Detroit’s Sports Powerhouse” to carry live programming and sports coverage 24 hours/day including broadcasts of Lions football, Red Wings hockey, Tigers baseball and University of Michigan sports

CBS Radio/Detroit today ended the hot talk format on what was WKRK-FM 97.1 and announced the launch of a new sports formatted radio station that the company says will feature a diverse mix of personalities and offer a unique perspective on Detroit sports. FM 97.1 will take on the new call sign WXYT-FM and will likely launch a new web site at in the coming days.

Programming highlights of the station, to be simulcast on WXYT-AM 1270, includes coverage of the Detroit Lions, Red Wings, Tigers, and University of Michigan sports, as well as contributions from local experts and commentators. U-M football will remain on sister station Oldies WOMC-FM 104.3.

The switch was made during what used the be the time slot for Deminski and Doyle on 97.1 at 3:00 p.m. and kicked-off its new programming with 'Sports Inferno' personalities Mike Valenti and Terry Foster.

Deminski and Doyle will move from afternoon drive and make their debut in mornings beginning on Tuesday, Oct. 2 from 6-10 a.m. The duo has enjoyed great success on the Detroit afternoon drive airwaves for the past eight years and survive the format change, putting an end to rumors that the pair were leaving the station.

“We are extremely excited about the transformation our station is presently undergoing and excitedly predict continued success for Deminski & Doyle in their new timeslot,” said Kevin Murphy, vice president and general manager of the two stations. “The new WXYT-FM will bring a fresh, innovative and exciting sound to sports radio in Detroit, this year’s No. 1-rated sports market in the country by Sporting News Magazine.”

WXYT-FM/AM will continue to offer The Big Show featuring Scott “The Gator” Anderson and co-host Doug Karsch weekdays 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m, followed by The Sports Inferno.

“Our line-up is a dream team of radio talent. We have the best sports personalities in Mike Valenti, Terry Foster, Doug Karsch, and Scott Anderson, combined with the exceptional talent of Deminski and Doyle in the morning. Add in the Lions, Tigers, and Red Wings and you have a powerhouse station like no other in Detroit,” said Dan Zampillo, program director of the new WXYT-FM/AM.

WXYT’s New Weekday Schedule (all times ET):
-- Deminski & Doyle (6-10 a.m.) with Jeff Deminski & Bill Doyle
-- The Big Show (10 a.m - 2 p.m.) with Scott Anderson & Doug Karsch
-- The Sports Inferno (2-6 p.m.) with Mike Valenti & Terry Foster
-- The Book on Sports (6 - 10 p.m.) with Pat Caputo
-- Dennis Fithian (10 p.m. - 2 a.m.)

WXYT’s Featured Experts include former Red Wings coach Scotty Bowman, former Pistons coach Chuck Daly, former Lions player Chris Spielman, ESPN basketball insider Steve Phillips and Pistons insider A. Sherrod Blakely.

There are many shows that will no longer be heard on 97.1 and 1270 with today's consolidation of programming including the syndicated Opie and Anthony morning program previously heard on FM 97.1 as well as ESPN Radio's Mike and Mike which had been in morning drive on AM 1270. Also off the air are the staff of Motor City Middays which included Jay Towers, Bill McAllister and Shila, and mid-morning host Johnny D along with a number of other syndicated shows formerly heard late nights and weekends on FM 97.1.

Kevin Murphy told Crain's Detroit Business that former WKRK-FM program director Craig Schwalb remains with the company but is no longer overseeing 97.1.



This was a terrible idea. I recommend that feedback be submitted to the station. I dont know what the best format for that feedback is, but a petition is being put together at:

I can't believe the change in format. I will truly miss Motor City Midays. I will no longer be listening to your station.

This is a horrible decision! I can't believe MCM is gone. They were the only thing that got me through the work day. And you just watch, they're going to get rid of D & D. And that would be the worst mistake ever. D & D are part of Detroit. I will never watch or listen to anything affiliated with CBS again.

I agree with Cheryl! Motor City Midays was the best part of my afternoon. Switching stations!

This is one of the worst changes that could be made! Motor City Middays was an excellent show which we listened to in the office everyday. The radio has been turned off, a decision made by all the men & women here.

I will no longer be listening to the station. I listen to another show in the mornings and will not switch and I will now need to find something else to listen to in the afternoons. I will miss D and D--hopefully they can be switched back to "drive time."

This is a BAD BAD idea!! 97.1 is No longer my station, I loved listening to D and D, and also Jay, Bill and Shila(?).
My son who also listen to them and also a HUGE sports nut, thinks this is a BAD idea.
BRING THEM BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!

This is one huge mistake on CBS part and now I can't commit to D&D like I use to. I listen to Morning X from 5:30 to when I go to sleep and I can't be staying up/ switching stations just to listen to D&D. I have a feeling that when their contract is up D&D will get the boot.

They already tried an all sports format and it failed so I don't see why they decided to go down this road again.

Goodbye: D&D, MCM, HHP, and PWNED Radio you will be missed :(

According to D&D, their contract is up at the end of the year.....Do they fit in with Sports Radio? Nope, they'll be leaving I'm sure. Oh and BTW, one more listener lost.

Hmmmm, why isn't AM radio successful? Other than the quality of the sound, the quality of the programs are terrible! Now you have turned FM into the same product!?? Good Job! Now all you need to do is add some fuzz! Thanks for making my mind up to purchase Sirius...

This is the stupidest thing ever!!!! BRING BACK JAY, SHILA, AND BILL!!!!!!

I am so disappointed. I loved the format with MCM and D&D. I will be deleting this station from my favorites list. Now I guess I'll have to listen to my Sirius all the time.

All sports radio? sports is big in detroit but not that big.... My routine was Drew and Mike in the morning and D&D drive home.... I won't be changing my morning slot.... I don't listen to sports talk...

I can't believe they cut the only shows I even turned my radio on to listen to, this is truly saddening. I have no reason to tune into this station anymore.

Who ever decided to make this format change better have a marketing degree and did years of research to take this chance...I for one think this format is awful...seeya!

What were you thinking? Sports radio? What a joke. I enjoyed listening to the Tom Leykis Show every morning. Now I'm on the hunt for a new radio station. I'm done with your station. I'm sure your competitors must be jumping for listeners handed to them on a silver plater. Another listener gone! Bye

I will make the switch with D and D, Never did like O and A in the morning, and With Drew off for family reasons on the WRIF it works out great for the morning. But each day when they are off so am I. Sports Talk belongs on AM. I hope Jay, Shila and Bill catch on in the area so I can still hear them.


worst idea ever. i had no problem before switching to a.m. when i wanted to hear anything about sports. MCM is what kept me going throughout the day. Now i'm expected to listen to four different shows about the same thing. Go get your shine box 97.1. i'll never listen to this crap.

What happened to the talk radio?? There is so much sports on radio in was the only talk radio that we really had..I used to live in LA and moved here and really missed talk radio until I found 97.1. Now that's I have to listen to NPR?? bummer, there is still some good talk radio on AM 800 from Canada. Bye Bye was great, but it's over now.

Terrible mistake losing MCM. I will no longer tune in. The station is horrible.

Me and my co-worker loved listening to Bill, Jay and Shila while we worked. It brought us many laughs to get us through the workday. I beleived the new format will be your demise.

How out of touch can people in top mgmt be. I didnt care for mcm that much but you have to be kidding about sports radio fm almost all day. I can see all these dj's struggling for new material right now. I am a huge sports fan and other than listening for a quick score or injury report thats it. You are going to have dj's talking in circles for 20 hours. If you need some creative help i am available and blue collar. good luck d&d, I will be building cars when your on now and getting scores & sports news from the newspaper like 80% of michigan.

Your station just only "SUCKS" now! I turn my dail off!


im so disappointed that mcmds is gone that was the funniest thing on the radio to me the only thing worth listening to on your station.Sports all day?? You need to beg them to come back.Wont be back till they are.

Even though I followed Howard Stern to SIRIUS I would still tune into MCM and D&D. I will never listen to your station again. GARBAGE!

Driving in the car and listening to 97.1 was my way of breaking away from my two babies. I enjoyed every minute and would find myself not wanting to ever leave the car. I now drive in silence. I'm extreamly disappointed with this change, and they will see soon what a big mistake has been made.

97.1 can bite me.

I think D&D, MCM should go to SIRIUS. What were they thinking very bad business move. 97.1 can BITE me as well. The station turned to ****! Even the advertisement went to Adult entertainment, Crap, Crap is all that station is now! I hope another station will take over the shows...

What was the programming department thinking. You built a fan base on being a talk station that many people could relate to, to an all sports station maybe 25% of your current audience will listen to. What a bad choice on your part. I listened to all the programming on your station until you got rid of Parker and the Man, then had to find a new morning show, now the only part of your programming I'm interested in is D&D, which I probably won't listen to because I am not in the car during their show. 97.1 has been on a downward spiral which finally hit bottom. I will no longer be a listener.

I can't believe they switched formats. Do we need ANOTHER all sports channel ALL the time!! First the first time ever, I listened to talk radio. I loved Jay, Bill & Shila! They made me laugh daily. I pulled 97.1 out of my preselected stations and will not go back. That was horrible and the way you did it was even was heartless!!

So, I was surfing the net, trying to figure out what jackass made this decision to literally oust so many loyal 97.1 listeners. I surely expected to find comments from SOME people happy with this "all sports" decision. Not the case. I haven't found one positive comment on the net, and I've read through tons of them. Love you D&D, but I'm already loyal to Drew and Mike in the morning. D&D were my FAVORITE part of the afternoon drive home. And, I, too, feel bad for Shila. She relocated her life and was doing pretty well on the air. I am angry beyond belief.

I think moving D&D to mornings was a huge mistake! I hate sports and looked forward everyday to listening to the D&D show on my drive home. Now I put in a CD. I will not change who I listen to in the morning. Maybe you should have taken a poll or survey to see if people would listen to your new sports show before kicking off a great team in D&D.

I won't listen past 10:00 am anymore... Thank god we didn't loose D & D. I don't care about sports enough to have it available all day long. The new midday show is boring.

I cannot believe what you have done! D&D was listened to by everyone and a great topic of conversation! I will not be listening in the morning. They were my ride home. D & D if you move please inform all you fans!! Bye 97.1.

"WAY TO GO IDIOTS" I cannot believe the GM over there still has a friggin Job, he needs a bridge card handed to him. You have ruined Detroit talk radio. I love sports don't get me wrong, but when I can go home and tune it in on the Big Screen with HD, why would I want to listen to it all day long! Your new line-up brings us no laughs. I hope a station in Detroit gets wise and starts up a new talk line-up, Taking D&D from 97.1, getting 3G back here with Michelle,Johnny D, and the entire crew from MCM ( Bill, Jay & Shila. Now that would be a Kick Ass Success..

I miss MCM, that show was the highlight of my afternoon. Poor decision, should of gotten feedback from the listeners.

I miss D&D in the afternoon. BAD MOVE!!!

I have listened to 97.1 since "Gonzo Gregg and Erin Carmen". I have seen many changes in personalities, but you always kept the talk format. But now I agree with everyone else, 97.1 has made a mistake by going exclusively with "Sports Talk". The one show left, D & D, are on when I'm at work and I can't listen. I'll give it a try a little longer, but I can't see myself listening much longer.

I loved MCM and the Hamtrammack Houseparty. I am from Cincinnati, but was in Detroit on business regularly, I would plan my driving times around these shows. D&D were okay too.
I hate Sportstalk.

I bet Michelle McCormick is about orgasmic now! Good for her

I have been a loyal fan of 97.1 since the Kramer and Twitch days and I am very dissapointed in the switch to all sports programming. The shows are always repetitive. Every sports talk show covers the same topics the show before it did. I used to liten to O&A, MCM, and D&D all day long, but now I am forced to cahnge the channel after I hear about how horrible the lions are for the fourth time. Oh and putting D&D against Drew and Mike to ruin their ratings was a truly stupid move and an obvious sign that D&D are on their way out.

this is the worst thing to happen to jay,shila and bill I will never turn this station on again this sucks

I can't believe that 97.1 fm would take a great talk radio station and change it in to a 24 hr sports station. I enjoy listening to some sports talk radio...but this is rediculous. I was a loyal listener.....almost 7 days a week. Not any more!!...Dominski and Doyle are great...very least someone had half a brain to leave them on the air. But I also loved listening to Jay, Shyla and Bill, Bob BAUER'S outdoor world, Cigar Dave, the HamTrammack House Party,etc.

I don't ...and won't....listen to 97.1 anymore.

The GM of the station should be fired!!!!

Everytime I give your radio shows a chance and then start to like them you cancel them. You throw these people out on the street and serve us up some new crud. The way you do business is terrible. I will never listen to your station again

D&D are great any time of day. I hope they get a contract to stay and maybe someday they will be back in the afternoon where they belong. MCM was a great mindless escape from my boring work day. I will miss the banter.

Until I find a stimulating talk alternative, my afternoon drive will probably be filled with music or news. Listening to sports constantly would make me want to blow a hole in my head.

To paraphrase a caller on D&D this morning, "Why the hell do we need 2 of the same station??" Brainless CBS programming is at fault.

I had to get XM cause now I cant listin to Opie and Anthony cause of this horrible idea

It was fine adding in the sports with the talk shows everyone listined to

no more Motor City Mid-Days , D+D are under contract and I have no doubt there days are numbered and thats a shame...

the "big show" is a big joke of show
its horrible, not even funny

97.1 is done.

you people are idiots. this is a great move. finally sports talk on FM. Detroit is a great sports town and it's about time the media recognized that!

Just have to comment how sad and disappointed I am to have D&D leave the afternoon time slot. I have been a loyal listener for many many years and I have not turned on 97.1 since you made the switch to all sports. You lost another listener. Please let us know when you have realized that you made a mistake and bring back the old format.

I hate that you changed the format to all sports !! It is already on AM radio. It is redundant. Bring back the old format. I loved Bob Bauer and Adam Goldfine on Saturday mornings. And even, Dr. Drew in the early am hours when I couldn't sleep. You were the only station in the Detroit area to provide these syndicated shows. SHAME ON YOU. Never been back to your station. It is really not even for sports junkies, but for bookies.







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