Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Oct 4, 2007

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Detroit News:

Radio stations love edgy stunts and the publicity that ensues, but WKQI-FM, better known as Channel 95.5, might have crossed the line with listeners when its DJ Big Boy announced a "Britney Suicide Watch" contest Tuesday night. "If you can guess the exact day that Britney dies, whether it's from drugs or however she dies, if you're right, we'll give you a thousand bucks," said Big Boy on his 7--11 p.m. show. The troubled pop star lost custody of her two young sons on Monday. After swift and negative reaction, the station pulled the Web page for the Britney stunt by mid-morning Wednesday. At 7 p.m. Wednesday, 95.5 aired a statement by Dom Theodore, operations manager, in which he apologized if anyone was offended by the "content" of Big Boy's show... Britney death watch contest draws fire (Thu, 10/4)

At first, it sounded like an April Fool's joke or piece of radio shtick. WDFN mid-morning host Sean Baligian, along with update reporter Rob Otto, are trying to find alternate names for the station's Lions postgame show. According to the wacky radio guys, the Lions told the station to stop using the words "Detroit Lions." Callers chimed in, coming up with crazy names involving losing and other Lions running jokes. Some might have lost the truth of the situation: The Lions really did tell WDFN to stop using their trademarked brand name for its show. Lions representative Matt Barnhart confirmed the organization told WDFN to stop using their trademarks. Only the flagship station (WXYT 97.1, 1270) can be the team's official postgame show and use the "Detroit Lions" name... WDFN plays as 'Lions' take back name (Thu, 10/4)

Detroit Free Press:

A weeknight disc jockey on WKQI-FM (95.5) starts up a Britney Spears death pool on the station’s Web site. Pick the day the troubled singer commits suicide and win $1,000. Outrageous, right? Not quite. WKQI boss Dom Theodore loves creating a buzz and getting electrons or ink by staging seemingly over-the-top, contrived stunts. Usually they’re banal ---things like posting Web pages that hint of a nonexistent format change. No harm, no foul — usually. Tuesday, nighttime personality Big Boy started the tasteless Spears contest and Wednesday morning, the station’s highly rated "Mojo in the Morning" show keeps the spin machine moving, blaming their boss (Theodore, not Big Boy) for the stunt... Britney death pool? You're being manipulated (Wed, 10/3)



Whoever thought of the "Brittney Spears Suicide Watch for $1,000" ought to be fired. There's absolutely no excuse for that! Pull that person off the air completely.






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