Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Oct 7, 2007

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Ann Arbor News:

If you've been wondering where WEMU music director / morning jazz show host Linda Yohn has gone, she's off the air recovering from recent surgery for colon cancer.

She reports that the prognosis is excellent; however, she will be off all this month and most of November recuperating ... On this Saturday's edition of Veteran's Radio, hear Vietnam helicopter pilots tell some of their stories on "Young and Fearless.'' Listen live at 9 a.m. on WDEO (990 A.M.)... On the air: Yohn recovers from surgery (Sun, 10/7)

Detroit Free Press:

Ken Burns' PBS documentary "The War" proved war is hell -- except when it comes to the ratings. WTVS-TV (Channel 56) chief Dan Alpert notes that Detroiters really took to the series with heavenly ratings over the last two weeks. "Detroit Public Television had the second-highest average household rating -- a 4.8 -- among the Nielsen Top 10 people-meter markets," Alpert said. That represents an average of nearly 100,000 homes and 150,000 people watching at any given minute in metro Detroit. Only KQED San Francisco had a higher rating. Detroit was 26% above the 10-market average of 3.8... Detroit 2nd in Nielsen 'War' ranks (Sat, 10/6)



I knew after the German and Japanese surrenders that the film was over. But I also knew it would continue for a while as the various participants gave their epilogues. And even though I was dead tired (it was after midnight) I figured I owed it to these guys to hear them out. That's how moving the series was. I caught it all except one episode. And I don't watch much TV.






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