Mid-Michigan: Newsmakers Oct 31, 2007

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Bay City Times:

The management at WHNN-FM, 96.1, was backpedaling after an apparent joke went awry, and popular morning personality Johnnie Burke is paying the price. In a concise but contrite message, the Saginaw station's leaders offered their ''sincere apologies'' for offending students, parents and staff of Flint Community Schools. They also suspended Burke, who did not comment on the advice of his attorney... Radio DJ Burke is suspended by oldies station (Thu, 11/1)

WJRT-TV /ABC12.com

Flint School Board members are firing back at a morning radio host who used the district as the brunt of what they say was a very distasteful joke. About two weeks ago, Johnny Burke and the morning crew of WHNN Radio in Saginaw joked about a make-believe practical math test being given to Flint students. The test then later appeared on the radio station's Web site. Flint school officials are not finding the humor in the content of the test. The test is 10 math story problems and they are supposed to represent real-life situations for the students in Flint. So instead of students adding and subtracting apples and oranges, they are using drugs, guns and drive-by shootings as their subjects... Flint School Board takes aim at radio host (Wed, 10/31)



I don't see what was the problem with what Johnny said, only that he said the truth not only about Flint but other city's too. He just happened to use Flint. Saginaw is bad too
What has happened with the FREEDOM of speach? are we Not IN AMERICA. People you have the choice to turn the channel I have on him a few time. Face the truth oh I am sorry no one want's to know the truth or hear what other may see of your home town. I have to go to Flint once a week and I am scared to death. (Cant get out of going either)
We as American's need to wake up and except what the world look like's and it is not very nice any more. WE need to be allowed to speek what is on or minds and not worry oh did I offend someone. Think about what was on t.v 15 -20 years ago. Archie Bunker.
people of color talk poor about white's, white's talk poor about black, that sadly will never change....there are nice white's and bad..nice people of color ,, and bad.....each race has the bad apples that make it hard on every one. Cycle of life there personal oppion on each other






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