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The 2007 TV6 Canathon marks a milestone for the event as we celebrate our 25th Anniversary. The TV6 Canathon has had an enormous impact on the community since the event began back in 1982. At that time the Marquette County Food pantries found an increased need for assistance due to lay-offs in the local mining industry. It was proposed by former TV6 News Director Ed Kearney that TV6 organize a local food drive asking residents in the area to donate non-perishable food items. That first effort resulted in 700 pounds of food being donated to the first TV6 Canathon. The annual donations have grown considerably since that first event with the 2006 TV6 Canathon collecting over 144,000 pounds of food ... The 2007 TV6 Canathon officially kicks-off on Monday, November 12, with collection continuing across Upper Michigan through Thursday, December 6. The month-long collection effort wraps up with a one-hour commercial-free special program "live" from TV6 starting at 7:00 p.m./6:00 CT on Thursday, December 6... TV6 Canathon: help feed a hungry neighbor

Leelanau Enterprise:

Television is an integral part of most daily lives today. But it wasn’t always so. In Leelanau, TV isn’t much more than 50 years old. A few area people, did, however, have television sets before the Cadillac station went on the air, followed by Channel 7, which broadcast from the top of “TV Hill” on the county’s southernmost edge. Radio pioneer Les Biederman was the prime mover for the Traverse City station, which subsequently underwent changes in ownership. Before the advent of TV stations 9/10 and 7/4, a tall antenna might be needed to pick up distant stations, and, even then, one might get good sound and a poor picture, or vice versa. Then, on the other hand, if atmospheric conditions were favorable, one might clearly receive the station at Green Bay, Wis., with even a modest antenna. Following the establishment of Cadillac and Traverse City stations, ownership of television sets in the area mushroomed and large advertisements appeared in the Enterprise to entice buyers... TV's county roots date to 1957 (Wed, 10,3)







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