TV: Newsmakers Oct 26, 2007




Grand Rapids Press:

Ken Daniels always has loved hockey. Fortunately, he also loves talking about hockey. Growing up in Toronto, Daniels started playing at the age of 7, first as a goaltender with friends in street hockey, and then as a winger on his pee-wee team. He was a big Bobby Orr fan, but knew he probably didn't have the size to reach the NHL. If Daniels then only suspected that his future might not be as a hockey player, Mike Keenan dealt him a harsh dose of reality. Keenan was Daniels' coach while the current Calgary Flames coach who won a Stanley Cup with the New York Rangers in 1994 was working as a history and physical education teacher early in his career. "One game he pulled me, and when I skated to the bench, he said, 'You should stick with broadcasting,' " Daniels said. " 'Because you have no chance of a playing career.' " Fortunately, Daniels also grew up listening to late-night games on a radio he would hide beneath his pillow. If he couldn't find a Maple Leafs game, he would tune in to games featuring the Boston Bruins or St. Louis Blues... Red Wings announcer at home in booth (Fri, 10/26)







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