TV: Newsmakers Oct 29, 2007




Detroit News:

Now here's a Christmas gift idea: a cute-as-a-bug 5-inch TV. As the Circuit City ad says, the TV "makes it easy to take entertainment on the road." But it will be cute only until Feb. 17, 2009, when its little screen will go blank. To make the set work after that, the owner will need a digital converter box and a place to plug it in, making entertainment on the road not so easy. Circuit City does warn consumers that the set's analog tuner will stop working after that date, after which federal law requires broadcasters to send only digital signals in order to free up electromagnetic spectrum for use by emergency responders and other interests. For Americans who have TVs without built-in digital tuners -- including all sets sold before 1998 -- the coming conversion to digital television, or DTV, may be confusing. To continue watching TV after Feb. 17, 2009, viewers will have to have a set with a digital tuner, pay for cable or satellite service, or get a converter box to switch analog signals to digital... Pitfalls seen in TV's digital transition







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