West Michigan: Newsmakers Oct 22, 2007




Grand Rapids Press:

Top secret! That's the best way to describe the launch of Grand Rapids' newest 10 p.m. newscast, which aired Sunday night on WOOD-TV's sister station, WXSP. "24 Hour News 8 at 10 on WXSP," was a well-kept secret in the television broadcasting community. "Most of the station employees did not know. Terri DeBoer doesn't know. Anyone that worked on the new newscast had to sign a confidentiality agreement," said Diane Kniowski, president and general manager for WOOD (Channel 8), WOTV (Channel 41), and WXSP - (Channel 15 locally). Why the big secret? One reason: "In one of our sister markets in Buffalo, they started promoting that they would start a 10 o'clock news cast 10 days before it started on the air. Another station took advantage and beat them on the air by three days. They took advantage and scooped them on their scoop," Kniowski said Sunday... 10 p.m. news makes debut on WOOD sister station (Mon, 10/22)







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