WVIC Drops Classic Hits for Soft AC

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Lansing's WVIC-FM (94.1) abandoned its Classic Hits format at 7:00 tonight, in favor of Adult Contemporary, rebranding the station as Soft Rock 94.1, and inaugurating the new format with the addition of the syndicated "Delilah" show. WVIC has also added the syndicated "Bob and Sheri" morning show to its lineup, replacing the local Mary Turner morning program. Turner appears to have departed the station, along with afternoon personality Joe Thomas.

You can see the redesigned WVIC website here.

Lansing State Journal:

Local radio station WVIC (94.1-FM) has shifted its format and disc jockeys, in search of a missing niche. "We think females in their 30s have been underserved," said Dave Johnson, market manager for the Mid-Michigan Radio Group. This morning, WVIC dumped its oldies-type "classic hits" format and many of its DJs. It now has a "soft rock" format that will mix oldies (1970s and up), plus occasional current songs from such people as Kelly Clarkson, John Mayer, Christina Aguilera or Michael Buble... Radio station WVIC changes formats, DJs (Tue, 10/16)



As I posted on my little radio blog this morning:

Best wishes to (now former) WVIC/Lansing-Jackson, MI PD/PMD talent Joe Thomas - out after a late Monday format change. WVIC dropped "classic hits" in favor of "soft rock".

Joe was my cross-town competition when I programmed WMMQ; and one of the first to shoot me a kind email after the budget axe cost me my job earlier this year.

Joe's a class act - and I wish him, his family and the others affected the best of luck.

WVIC has just RUINED the airways in Jackson, Lansing, Battle Creek and whatever 'demo' they covered. We're going to go looking for Joe and Mary and CLASSIC ROCK!!

We are so totally, totally bummed over this!!

If anyone finds Joe at a new place, and/or knows a good Classic Rock station, please post it here.

How can I get through my day w/o Joe Thomas?


(PS: Anyone know how to contact Joe personally?)

Great Move!However,WVIC could of added"The John Tesh Radio Show"seven nights a week from 7:00 to 5:00 in the morning.John has proven more power than Delilah.John caters more to everyone than Delilah!

Sorry to say but i'm glad they changed formats. I think its a refreshing move.

I was tired of listening to afternoon radio by a dead beat, washed up, old-time radio personality like Joe Thomas.

Sorry he lost his job but it was time for him to hang it up and just please go away. Thanks!!!






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