Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Nov 15, 2007




Detroit News:

The Detroit radio dial has spun, stopped and gone on rewind in the past week or so, with Jamie & Brady cut from sports talk WDFN-AM (1130) , long-time host Tom Ryan and "Matinee Mindy" gone from WOMC-FM (104.3) and young whippersnapper Jay Towers now a midday oldies jock at WOMC. Despite cutting loose a veteran, WOMC is starting to tap into baby boomer memories of 1960's radio. The station is already running top-of-the-hour "The Legend Lives" station IDs featuring clips of top Detroit radio jocks. You might hear a Ted "The Bear" Richards clip from CKLW or perhaps a sound bite of Byron MacGregor intoning some "20/20 News" horror from the Big 8. There are even old clips of current WOMC morning kingpin Dick Purtan from his baby DJ days. "Dick's not too happy about that," WOMC program director Scott Walker quipped. "But with our demographic, they bond to the music and personalities they grew up listening to, so we put a lot of different disc jockeys on the top of the hour"... WOMC ready to jog '60s radio memories (Thu, 11/15)

It seems the Metro Detroit sports radio world can't go at least a month without some major drama. Most of the fireworks come courtesy of WXYT (97.1 FM and 1270 AM). But WDFN 1130 is stirring up its own share of craziness, and it isn't over yet. The station unexpectedly fired longtime staffers Jamie Samuelsen, Greg Brady and Matt Shepard, and other behind-the-scenes employees, as part of sharp budgetary cutbacks on Nov. 5. The trio took their show, with Clear Channel's permission, to FOX 2 last Monday, for a Web-cast version. By all accounts, the show translated well, with listeners calling in to the new format. Clear Channel changed its mind, pulling out its non-compete clause on the still-under-contract Brady and Samuelsen. So no more Web casts... WDFN lineup is still in flux (Thu, 11/15)

Detroit Free Press:

WXYZ-TV Channel 7 will show a special on former Michigan coach Bo Schembechler at 9 p.m. Friday night. The show, “Bo Schembechler Remembered," will honor his legacy as a coach and his lifelong impact on his players... Channel 7 plans Schembechler retrospective on Friday night (Thu, 11/15)

The top 5 stations among all listeners in the first fall ratings trend were WMXD-FM, WWJ AM, WJLB-FM, WJR AM, and WOMC-FM... Age 12+ Fall Phase I Arbitrend ratings for Detroit (Wed, 11/14)







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