Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Nov 6, 2007

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Power outage? That's the Ticket

wxytfmJust barely a month old, sports WXYT-FM 97.1 has already repositioned to 'The Ticket' from 'Detroit Sports Powerhouse'. The station has also dropped the names of its midday and evening programs, zapping 'The Big Show' and 'Sports Inferno' in favor of using the last names of the respective hosts. So now in middays you'll hear 'Karsch and Anderson' and on the drive home 'Valenti and Foster'.

While the AM 1270 simulcast continues, about the only time you'll hear the 1270 frequency mentioned now is during the top of the hour legal station identification. Speculation runs rampant that AM 1270 will either be sold off or changed to a different format sooner rather than later.

WMUZ spinning Christmas tunes for Election Day

Contemporary Christian/talk WMUZ-FM 103.5 is bringing an early dose of Christmas music to the Detroit airwaves today - but not to strike in the famed annual "Battle of the Christmas Music." Instead, the day of Christmas music is a show of support to the community of Berkley, who's residents are voting today on whether to keep a Nativity scene in front of City Hall that's been there for decades, but is being threatened to be removed.

"We want to support the people who worked so hard to try to keep the true meaning of Christmas front and center," said WMUZ morning host Jon Culbert. "We're playing 100% Christmas music Tuesday for the entire morning show and for Robin Sullivan and the Praise Company in the afternoon." In addition to the Christmas music, Sullivan will be reporting live from Berkley during the morning show, and morning co-host Shannyn Caldwell will be in Berkley in the afternoon with a team of Christmas carolers.

Detroit News:

Tom Ryan and Mindy Markowitz were funnier after they were fired Friday than they'd been for months behind the microphone. The edict had come down from management at WOMC-FM (104.3) earlier this year, Ryan says: Be drones. No more chatting about movies or soap operas or which celebrity did something stupid yesterday. Just give the time and temperature, and tell the oldies station's audience that the last song was by the Zombies. You can train a chimpanzee to do that, and he'll work for termites and bananas. So it wasn't a complete surprise to them when they got the gink a few minutes before their 3-7 p.m. shift on "Ridin' Home with Ryan" … but it's not an unbridled joy, either... Tom and Mindy lost their voice -- and job (Tue, 11/6)

I have been in radio for 10 years and I know my day is coming. I will be fired some day. It is sort of like being a manger in baseball or a coach in basketball. No matter how much success you have or how many championships you bring you will either be fired or pushed out the door. Radio is a ticking time bomb that eventually will blow up in your face. That is why I find no great joy today in seeing Greg Brady, Jamie Samuelson and Matt Shepard walked out the door at WDFN. They are competitors because I work at 97.1 FM and 1270 AM. But they are also people who love doing radio and they all have families. Samuelson will probably be back on the air soon at a reduced salary. Times are tough for the media now. Radio, television and newspapers are looking to reduce budget... Hired to be Fired (Tue, 11/6)

Crain's Detroit Business:

Beau Derek, who hosts WOMC 104.3 FM’s 7 p.m.-midnight show, will temporarily take over the afternoon drive-time slot vacated after the oldies station removed longtime personality Tom Ryan on Friday. Ryan and producer Mindy Markowitz, who also was an on-air personality as “Matinee Mindy,” are no longer with the station and will be replaced in the interim by Derek, said Kevin Murphy, general manager of the CBS Radio Inc.-owned station in Ferndale. He declined to disclose details on why Ryan and Markowitz were dismissed... After 11 years in drive time, Tom Ryan replaced at WOMC (Mon, 11/5)

Detroit Free Press:

It's official -- Detroit is holiday parade nirvana. The annual Thanksgiving Day trek down Woodward is, of course, the really big show and WDIV-TV Local 4 will be out there Nov. 22 covering it big-time all morning. Then there's the Channel 7 holiday doubleheader -- it will cover the relatively new Campus Martius holiday gala and downtown lighting ceremony on Nov. 16 in prime time. That's followed by the downtown Rochester Christmas parade 2-4 p.m. Dec. 2, with Glenda Lewis and Dave LewAllen doing the float-by-float coverage. And then WJBK-TV (Channel 2) is in the fray at Royal Oak's 6th annual Holiday Magic Parade Nov. 17, in a live telecast at 10 a.m. Fanchon Stinger, Jason Carr, Ben Bailey and Jackie Paige will be joined by WMGC-FM's (105.1) Linda Lanci... Pick a holiday promenade route (Tue, 11/6)



I guess I won't be listening to WOMC anymore.






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