Mid-Michigan: Newsmakers Nov 2, 2007




Flint Journal:

Item: WHNN-FM (96.1) suspends Johnny Burke to investigate allegedly racist posting about the Flint School District on the Saginaw oldies station's Web site. View: On the one hand, Flint schools are hardly a shining example of how to run a school district, and wouldn't it be nice to see the PC police keep it in check for a change? On the other hand, if the popular morning host's "Practical Math" test posted on - and quickly removed from - the station's Web site really did contain racist inferences about the largely black schools and make light of such deadly serious issues as gangs, drugs and gun violence, then he should have known better. After all, this is the guy who angered a lot of people in Burton after making some reportedly insulting remarks about them back when he was at WCRZ nearly 20 years ago... Johnny Burke's been down this insulting road before (Fri, 11/2)







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