West Michigan: Newsmakers Nov 9, 2007

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Kalamazoo Gazette:

The program director for local rock radio station WRKR-FM (107.7) has issued a statement regarding what he termed ``an absurd joke'' last month by an on-air personality that offended some listeners. During a broadcast of the station's ``The Rocker Morning Show,'' as the hosts discussed a poll that asked what people would do if they had just one hour to live, Warren Kluck said he would ``rape'' a woman. A statement issued via e-mail Thursday by WRKR program director Jay Deacon said: ``Warren Kluck sincerely apologized for his inappropriate remarks made on October 12th on `The Rocker Morning Show' on WRKR. He will again, make a public apology for his remarks on the program on November 9th"... WRKR issues statement about on-air remarks (Fri, 11/9)



I think that radio broadcasters shouldn't get a break of they degrade people or become vulgar. Don Imus got fired from CBS Radio after calling the Rutgers Women's Basketball team "nappy-headed hos"...and he gets back on the radio. A Flint radio broadcaster puts a test involving crime on the station's respective website...and he's only suspended. I'm hoping to get back into radio, and at least I would put the people first. That's something these radio broadcasters need to think about.






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