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Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Dec 1, 2007



Detroit Free Press:

Here's the latest on two hot radio contract negotiations: At WXYT-AM/FM (1270 and 97.1), Deminski & Doyle attorney Mike Novak says talks are continuing with CBS regarding their future at the station. Their pact ends Dec. 31 and with accrued vacation, their final show could be Dec. 14 ... Over at WRIF-FM (101.1), Novak said negotiations are continuing with the Greater Media-owned station over his client Drew Lane, who's been off the air since late September caring for his now-fiancée Tess Schuster... Names & Faces: Talking, paying, counterclaiming (Sat, 12/1)


West Michigan: Newsmakers Dec 1, 2007


Top 5 stations in Grand Rapids among all listeners in the first fall ratings trend were WBCT-FM, WOOD-AM, WLAV-FM, WGRD-FM, and WSNX-FM... Phase I age 12+ ratings chart (Fri, 11/30)

Grand Rapids Press:

Tim Doty wishes his schedule allowed him to play a little more hockey. The WXMI-TV Fox 17 weekend sports anchor grew up playing the game in his hometown of Trenton. He started as a left wing when he was in first grade and played organized hockey all the way through his junior year in high school. Doty, 35, also played on intramural teams while at Michigan State and occasionally saw time with "beer league" teams while working in Lansing. But when Doty joined West Michigan's Fox affiliate six years ago today, his busy schedule put his hockey playing, well, on ice. Not that it's stopped other local TV personalities from trying to recruit him for their rec teams from time to time... Fox-17 anchor's first love is hockey (Fri, 11/30)


Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Dec 2, 2007



Ann Arbor News:

WEMU morning jazz show host Linda Yohn, who has been on medical leave for colon cancer treatment since early October, will return to the airwaves on Monday. "We're all excited for her return, as you can imagine,'' said Molly Motherwell, the station's development director, who also had praise for Wendy Wright, who handled many of Yohn's duties during her absence... 'On the Air': WEMU host to return (Sun, 12/2)


West Michigan: Newsmakers Dec 2, 2007



Grand Rapids Press:

He started his Grand Rapids radio career in September 1967 on the "Big Max." He also is the guy who hired WLAV radio icons Kevin Matthews and Tony Gates. Ed Buchanan, affectionately known as "Uncle Buck," recently celebrated his 40th year in broadcasting. He began at WMAX-AM (1480). His career path includes 15 years at WCUZ-FM (101.3), where he started Grand Rapids' first FM country station, and he has been at WLAV-FM (96.9) for 20 years. He was there 1970-1979, and returned in 1995 ... Adult Contemporary Christian WCSG-FM (91.3) won the Station of the Year award (Markets 26-100) at the R&R Christian Summit achievement ceremony... 'Uncle Buck' hits 40-year milestone (Sun, 12/2)


By: Art Vuolo

On The RadioDid you see the piece on CBS-TV’s “60 Minutes” a couple of weeks ago titled “The Millennials?”

It was a scary report about the generation born between 1980 and 1995, and how they expect and demand everything. It’s something that everyone in the radio industry should watch. I archived it to DVD. It is a keeper.

The story shows emphatically that today’s “Millennials” also treat radio in ways very different than previous generations. The last place they go for music is their radio.

If they access it at all, it’s for news, sports, weather or traffic and (for some) the high-profile morning shows that feature strong personalities and entertainment. They download most of their music from the Internet. It’s never thought of as stealing, just borrowing and it has nearly destroyed the record business.

Today’s young audience, which was once the most sought after demographic by contemporary music stations, is no longer knocking on radio’s door. The only on-air talent these days who should feel a little safer are the morning shows, which lets face it, play far less (if any) music.

 • • • • • • • • 

Speaking of how you start your day, changes are in the offing. I hope you didn’t get too used to Jeff Deminski and Bill Doyle on WXYT (The Ticket) 97.1 FM since the countdown clock is ticking. and they have just 10 days left on the air in Detroit.

It’s a shame because they do a great job, but unless CBS Radio has a change of heart, they’ll keep them off the air locally thanks to a non-compete clause in their contract. Who loses? You do, the listening audience, but corporate radio is far more concerned with the bottom line than with your happiness.

Local media agent, Mike Novak, who represents Deminski and Doyle, indicated that they’ve made it known that they don’t want to work for CBS, which they call “Cheap Beyond Suspicion.” Could money be the issue? Money is always the issue. Some insiders feel the duo should swing over to rocker WRIF-FM (101.1) if Drew & Mike don’t reunite, and, oh, yeah if that contract clause thing can be worked out. I’m not predicting, just listening.


West Michigan: Newsmakers Dec 3, 2007




Tommy & Brook are in, Steve & Sabrina are out. The morning team of Tommy Dylan and Brook Taylor will leave their familiar slot at WCSG radio to move into secular radio at Star 105.7, replacing the long-time team of Steve and Sabrina. Doug Montgomery, the Operations Manager for Clear Channel Grand Rapids, said Tommy & Brook will start at Star 105.7 as soon as they are able to officially leave WCSG. Chris Lemke, the General Manager and Program Director of WCSG, said their departure date is still being negotiated... Steve & Sabrina out at Star 105.7 (Mon, 12/3)

Grand Rapids Press:

The plug has been pulled on one of the market's most recognizable morning teams, Steve Kelly and Sabrina Fairchild. The pair have been a team since 1996, most recently at Star 105.7 (WOOD-FM), where they had been for two years. Before that the team had been on WSNX-FM (104.5) for 12 years. Neither one was available for immediate comment, and station officials were planning to issue a news release later this afternoon. According to Doug Montgomery of Clear Channel Radio in West Michigan, Kelly will remain with the company -- and on air -- in some capacity. He will be on the air Tuesday morning, but without Fairchild... Steve & Sabrina out at Star 105.7 (Mon, 12/3)


Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Dec 4, 2007



106.7 The Fox to give away Hannah Montana tickets tomorrow

It's the hottest ticket of the year - the Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana show scheduled for the Palace of Auburn Hills tomorrow evening. Country WDTW-FM, 106.7 The Fox, is set to give away tickets during The Chad Show tomorrow morning with a contest that will only be revealed as it's taking place.

Chad & CJ will give mothers and daughters the chance to see Hannah Montana live beginning at 7am at the Clear Channel studios in Farmington Hills (27675 Halsted Rd). Contestants must come prepared to do or try anything to win.

More info at

Riff2 announces 1st Annual Riff 2 Awards

The HD counterpart of rocker WRIF-FM 101.1 is soliciting listener votes for the first-ever contest that is based on the Detroit local music scene. A list of nominees has been posted on the station's web site at in categories that range from Best Hair to Best One Man Band.

WDET will air special on finding new Wayne State president on Friday

Detroit Public Radio will be hosting a special broadcast with a live in-studio audience during "Detroit Today" (weekdays 10am - noon) on Friday, December 7. The special program will focus on the next president of Wayne State University and what qualifications the ideal candidates should have. WSU's current president, Irvin Reid, will be retiring in Spring 2008, and a search committee has been assembled to select the next president.

On the program's panel will be Eugene Driker, Chair of the WSU Board of Governors and the Chair of the Presidential Search Committee, as well as Cindy Goodacre, Executive Editor of Crain's Detroit Business and Cindy Chidi, WSU Student Council President. Other community leaders will be part of the studio audience and contribute to the discussion.

"Detroit Today" host Craig Fahle will facilitate the panel and audience discussion and listeners are invited to participate via phone at 313-577-0808 or on the program's blog at

"Detroit Today" with Craig Fahle airs weekdays from 10am to noon.


West Michigan: Newsmakers Dec 4, 2007



Grand Rapids Press:

It's a crazy time in Grand Rapids radio. In a matter of just 24 hours, three well-known media professionals are no longer employed due to some major shakeups at Clear Channel West Michigan. The latest casualties: WOOD-AM (1300) morning co-host John Matlack and traffic reporter Robb Westaby. They join Sabrina Fairchild from WOOD-FM (Star 105.7), who was let go on Monday morning shortly after her on-air shift with co-host Steve Kelly. Matlack said he was delivered the news right after his on-air shift today. He said the decision came from the corporate level. "There have been a lot of financial concerns by corporate, and there have been other cuts that have been made, and I'm just one more West Michigan worker cut by a big company far away," Matlack said Tuesday afternoon from his home, where he was decorating his Christmas tree. Westaby was not available for comment. And, when contacted by The Press, Fairchild directed all questions to local Clear Channel executives. As for Matlack, he worked at WOOD-AM for nearly 9-1/2 years, doing sports, news and live interviews with his co-host Gary Allen... More changes at Clear Channel West Michigan


Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Dec 5, 2007



Jamie Samuelsen set to make return to WDFN on Monday

One re-hire has been completed at sports WDFN AM 1130 as they will welcome Jamie Samuelsen back to the 6 - 9 am time slot starting Monday, December 10th. He'll be flying solo for now as an agreement has not yet been worked out for the return of Greg Brady who had been co-hosting the program until both were let go in cost-cutting moves last month.

Matt Shepard, who was a major contributor to the 'Jamie and Brady' show is also still on the outside looking in- at least for now.

The Oakland Press:

While local radio fans and media have been buzzing over the past few months about the absence of WRIF-FM's Drew Lane - leader of the popular morning team, Drew and Mike - Lane's longtime partner, Mike Clark, has kept right on talking. "It's not too much different," he said. "There is more work involved. When you're down a man, everybody has to step up." Clark hasn't been alone in the Ferndale radio station since Lane left to care for his fiancee, Tess Schuster, who has been battling breast cancer. The raspy-voiced Clark - a smoker - has been ably assisted by the show's producers, Mike Wolters and Marc Fellhauer, on the air. Fellhauer has been busy delivering the sports reports, part of Lane's daily duties. Clark reported he speaks with Lane "every couple weeks," he said... Mike holding the fort without Drew (Wed, 12/5)

Detroit News:

Take a trip back in time when Detroit Public Television and producers of "Hot Fudge," a family entertainment series that was locally produced and nationally syndicated in the 1970s and early 1980s, team up to present a retrospective special about the once-popular show. Titled the "Hot Fudge Comin' Atcha Concert," the special will feature a newly-packaged collection of music and comedy from the original broadcasts and airs 8 tonight on WTVS-TV (Channel 56). In its day, "Hot Fudge" featured music, songs, and sketches with live actors and puppets with host and Benton Harbor native Arte Johnson ("Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In"). Following the first season, hirsute musician Larry Santos and his fuzzy neon green puppet Seymour (voiced by Robert Elnicky) took over as hosts. Presented as part of Detroit Public TV's December membership drive, the special includes vintage performances by cast and characters, including Santos and Seymour, Homer, Caz, Mona, Mr. Kootch and more. The "Hot Fudge Comin' Atcha Concert" will also feature live studio appearances by Santos, Elnicky (Seymour), and Ron Coden... 'Hot Fudge' concert produced for WTVS (Wed, 12/5)

During your morning commute, you may see a familiar face one car over. Don't stare, but chances are that perky soccer mom is Shon Gables, who is living in Metro Detroit again. Early birds might remember Gables as the friendly face that delivered the news on WDIV-TV's "Local 4 News Morning" for three years until 2003 when she left for New York's WCBS-TV. Now Gables, whose husband Peter is a University of Michigan alum and huge fan of the Detroit area, lives in Ann Arbor. When she isn't carting her kids around, Gables takes to the air and commutes between the college town and New York where she anchors "The Black Enterprise Business Report," a weekly syndicated news magazine that profiles African-American movers and shakers in the financial world. It airs Sunday afternoons on TV One and Monday mornings locally on WMYD-TV (Channel 20)... Former news anchor is back in the area (Wed, 12/5)


West Michigan: Newsmakers Dec 5, 2007



Grand Rapids Press:

You may need a scorecard to keep track of the shake-ups in local broadcasting this week. Three major personalities are no longer with Clear Channel radio. WOOD-AM (1300) morning co-host John Matlack, WOOD-FM (Star 105.7) morning co-host Sabrina Fairchild and traffic reporter Robb Westaby were all fired this week. The new morning team on WOOD-FM is Tommy Dylan and Brook Taylor, who worked for WCSG-FM (91.3) for the past three years. "The new morning team will take over the show and start 100 percent on board on Wednesday." said Tim Feagan, newly appointed general manager for Clear Channel. "They really fit with West Michigan and what Star should be. They are very family friendly, have a great rapport and will be an integral part of our station. We are very excited about this. This is the right thing for listeners." Steve Kelly will stay in a different capacity with Clear Channel Radio, and told listeners Tuesday "he was getting a new assignment." Feagan would not release details Tuesday. "There is more to come," he said... Radio shakeup not over, Clear Channel GM says (Wed, 12/5)


Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Dec 6, 2007



Detroit News:

Imus, Imus, Imus in the 24-hour cyber-newsroom, that's all we've heard about for the past week, as disgraced shock jock Don Imus started anew on Citadel's WABC-AM on Monday morning. In an obvious move to soften his image as the angry white guy who spouted that offensive phrase while talking about the Rutgers women's basketball team, Imus has two young, black sidekicks in this new go-round, Karith Foster and Tony Powell . Is it so they can wrestle him to the ground the next time he crosses the line? Perhaps, although the fact that he's reportedly now broadcasting with a 21-second delay (plenty of time to turn the mike off) makes tackling him moot. The fact remains, though, that Detroiters still aren't part of this house party. Citadel-owned WJR-AM (760) appears to have no intention of putting Imus on in the morning in place of Paul W. Smith... Imus is back -- but not in Detroit (Thu, 12/6)

2008 Purtan's People calendar available at Detroit-area Kroger stores

The 2008 Dick Purtan & Purtan’s People Calendar is now available at area Kroger stores for $15, just in time for the holiday season, with proceeds benefiting Children’s Hospital of Michigan.

You & those on your list will get to spend the year looking at Dick Purtan & Purtan’s People, as they reenact scenes from movies like Casablanca, Austin Powers, Saturday Night Fever, Gone with the Wind, Rocky, and many more.

Visit for more information and to order online.

Bandyke to feature music of Joe Strummer

Martin Bandyke of WQKL-FM (107.1/ will devote his Fine Tuning program this Sunday, Dec. 9 (4-6pm) to the music of Joe Strummer, leader of the iconic British punk band The Clash. Bandyke will also give away lots of run-of-engagement tickets to the acclaimed new documentary Joe Strummer: The Future Is Unwritten, which opens at the Main Art Theatre in Royal Oak on Dec. 14.

CKWW to presents “Lennon Remembered”

This Saturday, December 8th, Oldies AM 580 CKWW will look back at the life and music of John Lennon as the station pays tribute to one of the most influential singer-songwriters in music history with “Lennon Remembered”. This 3-hour special will air from 7 to 10 PM, marking the 27th anniversary of his passing. From life as a Beatle to his solo work, this show captures the music from the voice of a generation.

Judy Adams' radio highlights

"The Jazz Cafe Discovery Series" Radio Program, Sundays at 11pm on WVMV FM 98.7: On Sunday December 9th, Adams will present live on tape performances from Detroit based groups, "Moment's Notice" and "Five Miles Out" recorded at the Jazz Cafe Discovery Series at Music Hall. Then on the December 11th "Judy Adams Program", heard Tuesdays at 9am on CJAM FM 91.5, Judy will play more albums from her Top Ten List for 2007 including those from Manu Chao, Air, and Cassius.

CBS Announces Sr. Management Appointments In Four Markets: CBS RADIO has announced several key staff appointments in PHILADELPHIA, WASHINGTON, D.C., DETROIT and WEST PALM BEACH. The new assignments are effective immediately. Leading CBS RADIO’s sales efforts in DETROIT will be DEB KENYON, who also serves as VP/GM of Smooth Jazz WVMV and Country WYCD. CBS RADIO Pres./Sales MICHAEL WEISS commented, "The Dir./Sales position is an extremely important one in the Company, and I look forward to expanding and developing the responsibilities of those charged with leading the sales efforts in the markets where we operate. Engaging with our advertisers in new ways, creating unique and relevant on-air and online campaigns and maximizing our resources across each cluster is clearly the best way for not only our clients to win, but to further position CBS RADIO as the leader in the industry." (Thu, 12/6)


Bidding concludes December 11th at 11:59 p.m. for the fourth and final round of MAB’s Online Auction

The bidding in the fourth round of the Michigan Association of Broadcasters Foundation’s (MABF) online auction is entering its final days. Interested bidders, which includes the general public, have until December 11th at 11:59 p.m. to attempt to win packages being offered in the charitable online auction.

Fourth round auction items include:

• Mojo in the Morning Live: Highest bidder and seven (7) guests will watch a live radio broadcast of the 95.5 WKQI-FM Detroit "Mojo in the Morning" show. Includes a one-hour, in-studio visit with Mojo.

• Detroit Pistons Mini-Vacation. Four (4) tickets to the Friday, April 4, 2008 home game against the New Jersey Nets. Package includes dinner for four and hotel accommodations in Birmingham

This is the fourth and final round of the online auction that will support MABF programs, including scholarships, internships and education programs for students and young professionals interested in the broadcasting industry.

Complete information on the MABF online auction, including detailed information on registration, auction items and contest rules may be found at Click on the Online Auction button.


Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Dec 7, 2007



Detroit Free Press:

WXYT-AM/FM (1270/97.1) morning hosts Jeff Deminski and Bill Doyle's final live broadcast at the station may have come today. Then again, it may all be a negotiations ploy.

The duo's attorney, Mike Novak , said station GM Kevin Murphy informed them after their show ended at 10 a.m. today that they will not be on the air live next week. But Murphy said "D&D will be in 'best of ' (repeats) next week and we will all be working hard to put an agreement together before they go on vacation." The pair, here since late summer 1999, have the last two weeks of 2007 scheduled as vacation time and their contract expires Dec. 31. They had hoped to work until Dec. 14... WXYT chief ends live Deminski & Doyle run (Fri, 12/7)

JJ & Lynne to broadcast live from Led Zeppelin reunion concert in London

Classic Rock WCSX FM 94.7 Morning Hosts JJ & Lynne will broadcast live from London Monday & Tuesday morning (12/10 & 12/11) from 6-9am (Detroit time) to capture the feeling surrounding Led Zeppelin’s Reunion Concert back to the Motor City.

The station's web site, will provide frequent updates, live interviews, photos, videos, their blog and podcasts from London. JJ and Lynne have set their sights on Ann Wilson (Heart), Mick Jones (Foreigner) and Paul Rodgers (Free, Bad Company, The Firm with Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page & Queen).

To prepare for these special transatlantic live shows, they’ll also take in London’s Classic Rock hot spots, including a private tour of Abbey Road Studios and in true JJ & Lynne style, they’ll attempt to schmooze their way into the Led Zeppelin pre-show sound check to give ‘CSX listeners a sneak preview of the biggest Classic Rock music event of the new millennium.

They’ll call with reports from the show Monday afternoon – (there’s a 5 hour time difference) – and Ken Calvert will kick off a Led Zeppelin Concert Replay at 4:30pm so WCSX listeners will feel like they’re at the show.


Half-hour special to commerate Fox Sport Net Detroit's 10th Anniversary with “A Decade of Memories”- a count down of the regional sports networks top 10 games/programs.

FSN Detroit caps its first decade on the regional sports scene by counting down the network’s 10 most memorable games and programs in a half-hour presentation that is set to premiere on Saturday, Dec. 15 at 10:00 PM (or immediately following that night’s coverage of Red Wings hockey). Other prominent air times are Sun. Dec. 16, 3:00 & 10:30 PM; Tue. Dec. 18, 7:30 PM; Sun. Dec. 23, 9:00 PM; Tue.Dec. 25, 2:00 PM; Thu. Dec. 27, 7:30 PM; Sat. Dec. 29, 6:30 PM; and Mon. Dec. 31, 10:00 PM.

FSN’s top 10 games/programs were selected in part by viewer voting conducted from September-November at The featured topics are recounted by FSN announcers and reporters involved in the original coverage, including Ryan Field, Trevor Thompson, Shireen Saski, John Keating, Matt Shepard, Mario Impemba, Greg Kelser, Ken Daniels, Mickey
Redmond, Rod Allen and special memories from Ernie Harwell. The special is hosted by Mickey York.

Here is the countdown for FSN Detroit's 10th Anniversary A Decade of Memories:

#10 – Sports World Comes to Detroit (2004-06): The FSN team worked in overdrive as some of the world’s biggest sporting events came to Detroit, resulting in live, expanded coverage from the site of the 2004 Ryder Cup at Oakland Hills, the 2005 MLB All-Star Game at Comerica Park and Super Bowl XL in February 2006 at Ford Field.

#9 – The Cold War (October 6, 2001): FSN provided exclusive coverage of the historic outdoor hockey game – dubbed “The Cold War” -- at Spartan Stadium. Michigan State and Michigan played to a 3-3 tie in front of 74,454 fans, setting an all-time hockey record.

#8 - NBA Champs (June 15 & 17, 2004): FSN was on hand for the post-game celebration and subsequent parade and rally after the Pistons knocked off the Los Angeles Lakers to capture their third NBA title.

#7 - Last Game for a Legend (September 29, 2002): As part of its Tigers at Toronto Blue Jays telecast, FSN simulcast the final half-inning of radio play-by-play by retiring Hall of Fame announcer Ernie Harwell. After the game, Harwell joins announcers Mario Impemba and Kirk Gibson for an emotional interview.

#6 - Wings Celebrate Cup on DSR (June 13 & 17, 2002): The Detroit Sports Report provided 90 minutes of coverage following the Red Wings Stanley Cup-clinching victory over the Carolina Hurricanes. On June 17, FSN and WJBK (FOX 2) combine resources to provide live coverage of the Red Wings victory parade and rally in downtown Detroit.

#5 - Red Wings Raise Stanley Cup Banner (October 16, 1998): FSN televised its first Red Wings home opener as the team raised its 1997-98 Stanley Cup championship banner prior to a game vs. the St. Louis Blues.

#4 - Justin’s Gem (June 12, 2007): Mario Impemba and Rod Allen provided the call on Justin Verlander’s 4-0 no-hitter over the Milwaukee Brewers, the first no-hitter at Comerica Park and the first for the Tigers since 1984.

#3 - Goodbye Old Gal (September 27, 1999): FSN presented a live one-hour special, Tiger Stadium: We’ll Remember, shortly after the final out is recorded on the closing day of the old ballpark.

#2 – Tigers Snap Playoff Drought (Spring/Summer/Fall 2006): The magical 2006 season of the Detroit Tigers saw them make the playoffs for the first time since 1987. FSN Detroit’s wall-to-wall coverage was highlighted by 112 game telecasts, including Sept. 24 when the Tigers clinched a playoff spot at Kansas City. The network’s signature postgame coverage continued into the postseason, including the rousing celebrations following series-clinching victories in the ALDS and ALCS.

#1 - Yzerman Jersey Retirement Ceremony (January 2, 2007): FSN provided uninterrupted coverage of the stirring ceremony at Joe Louis Arena to retire the No. 19 jersey of former Detroit Red Wings captain Steve Yzerman.

FSN Detroit, which launched in September 1997, is delivered to 3.2 million cable and satellite households throughout Michigan and portions of Northwest Ohio and Northern Indiana. The regional network is home to approximately 300 live local events per year among the Detroit Tigers, Red Wings, Pistons, Shock, the Central Collegiate Hockey Association and Michigan High School Athletic Association championship events.


Mid-Michigan: Newsmakers Dec 8, 2007



Lansing State Journal:

The man who built from the ground up Lansing country music radio station WITL inspired many during his life. Friends remember Charles Mefford as a self-made man who showed others they could accomplish their dreams. He died Thursday in Naples, Fla. Mefford began his radio career by running errands for disc jockeys as a boy, said Sharon Hetrick, Mefford's former office manager at WITL for six years. He worked his way up and in 1964 bought his own station, Lansing's WMRT, for $180,000. He transformed it into WITL, a multimillion-dollar enterprise that he once called "Michigan's first full-time country music station." "He was a self-made man," said Hetrick, of DeWitt. "He was an inspiration to so many people." Mefford, who had heart problems for years, died several days after suffering a head injury from a fall Monday, said Hetrick's husband, Jeff Hetrick. Mefford was 76... WITL founder Mefford inspired friends (Sat, 12/8)


Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Sun 9, 2007



Ann Arbor News:

Today's the last day you can catch the music hosts at WQKL (107.1 FM) freezin' for a reason as they broadcast live outside Busch's Market, 2240 S. Main St. DJs Martin Bandyke, Chris Ammel, Mark Copeland and John Bommarino are asking listeners to drop off nonperishable food and/or make financial contributions to Food Gatherers, Washtenaw County's food bank and food rescue program. Rockin' for the Hungry is Food Gatherers' largest outdoor food drive of the year, and this year's goal is to collect 150 tons of food... DJs end food drive today (Sun, 12/9)


By: Mike Austerman

On The RadioIf you’ve ever wished you could check out the inner workings of the hugely popular Mojo in the Morning program on hits WKQI-FM (95.5), this might be your best opportunity.

A Michigan Association of Broadcasters Foundation online auction item features the opportunity for the highest bidder and seven guests to watch the Mojo in the Morning gang broadcast live in the studio for one hour.

Along with this rare opportunity to get inside a radio station, the auction also features a Detroit Pistons mini-vacation package that includes four tickets to the April 4 home game against the New Jersey Nets, dinner for four and hotel accommodations in Birmingham.

The auction supports MABF programs including scholarships, internships and education programs for students and young professionals interested in the broadcasting industry.

To bid and for more detailed information on these items, visit and click on the Online Auction button — hurry as the auction is scheduled to end Tuesday at 11:59 p.m. You might just make some radio or Pistons fan very happy on Christmas morning!

 • • • • • • • • 

If CBS Radio could have picked a better time to change FM 97.1 to an all-sports format, I don’t know when that would have been.

Although the call sign remains WXYT-FM, they very well could have gone back to one they were using in the 1980s, WJOI-FM, to describe the exuberance that was expressed by all of their on-air hosts and most of the callers upon the announcement that the Detroit Tigers had pulled off a huge trade that many agree greatly enhances the team’s chances of returning to the World Series.

With the Detroit Lions suffering a late-season swoon and the search for a new head football coach at the University of Michigan thrown into turmoil, it was refreshing to hear the giddiness that was nearly universally expressed on WXYT and on rival WDFN-AM (1130) last week instead of the usual expected Lions-related hand wringing.


West Michigan: Newsmakers Dec 11, 2007



Grand Rapids Press:

So no child should have to go without, local radio and television representatives continue to develop and market projects that help with local charitable efforts. Here are a few examples from around West Michigan: WZZM-TV (Channel 13) and the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve partner with the Toys for Tots campaign ... WOOD-TV (Channel 8), WOTV-TV (Channel 4) and radio station WOOD-FM (105.7) are working for local children in need through the Salvation Army Angel Tree campaign ... WLAV-FM (96.9) presented $21,314 to God's Kitchen from a share of ticket sales for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra's Dec. 1 performances in Van Andel Arena. Both shows were near sellouts, and a portion of proceeds went to the local program... TV, radio stations fire up annual charitable drives (Tue, 12/11)


Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Dec 12, 2007



WDET offers Auto Show tickets for Holiday Fundraiser 12/13

WDET-FM 101.9, Detroit Public Radio, is offering free tickets to the 2008 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), January 19 - 27, to listeners who make a donation of $150 or more during its special Holiday Membership Drive on Thursday, December 13. The NAIAS has provided WDET with public show tickets to help encourage listeners to support Detroit’s National Public Radio (NPR) station.

“We’re thrilled to have this opportunity to work with our community’s auto dealers,” said Tim Hygh, WDET Station Manager. “Their generosity has been tremendous, so we are going to be celebrating Detroit’s car culture and memories from the auto show during this year’s Holiday Membership Drive, one full month before the auto show begins.”

In addition to working together toward a successful Holiday Membership Drive, WDET will also be broadcasting live from the NAIAS in January.

"Public radio is an important part of our community and the NAIAS is pleased to provide tickets to WDET for the Holiday Membership Drive," said Carl Galeana, senior co-chairman for NAIAS 2008. "WDET is a Detroit institution and it is a natural fit for us to support their fantastic programs."

The on-air pledge drive will begin at 6am on Thursday, December 13 and go through midnight. Everyone who makes a gift to WDET of $150 or more can receive a pair of tickets to the NAIAS at Cobo Center January 19-27, 2008. Listeners can make their pledge by calling 1-800-959-9338 or give online at the station’s website:

Detroit News:

WXYZ-TV (Channel 7) reporter Glenn Zimmerman has left the station for a new gig at WNBC-TV (Channel 4), the NBC affiliate in New York. Zimmerman's last day at WXYZ was Dec. 5. This means that Zimmerman's wife, WXYZ meteorologist Shay Ryan , will be following suit ... Following the finale of "Survivor: China" on Sunday, WWJ-TV (Channel 62) will roll out its first "Eye on the Future" special. The program, "Building Bridges: From the Great Lakes to the Great Wall," is a three-part series that will examine Michigan's economy and its potential connections with China... WXYZ reporter lands NYC job (Wed, 12/12)

Spudd Exits Hot 102.7/Detroit
ALL ACCESS hears that RADIO ONE Urban WHTD (HOT 102.7)/DETROIT PD/afternoon driver SPUDD has resigned. MD/night host MS. SMILEY takes over as interim PD while the station decides on a permanent replacement. Meanwhile, overnighter BIG KEITH JONES moves into afternoons and part-timer A.P. takes over JONES' old overnight shift. (Wed, 12/12)

Schwalb Joins Sirius
Former CBS Talk WKRK (LIVE 97.1 FREE FM)/DETROIT (now Sports WXYT-A (97.1 THE TICKET)) PD CRAIG SCHWALB is joining SIRIUS SATELLITE RADIO as Director of Talk Programming. SCHWALB is returning to NEW YORK for the job; he was with CBS' WNEW/NEW YORK before heading to DETROIT. (Mon, 12/10)


West Michigan: Newsmakers Dec 12, 2007


Dave Taft Adds PD Duties For WSHZ
CLEAR CHANNEL AC WSHZ (STAR 108)/MUSKEGON, MI PD DON BENO exits. Cluster OM DAVE TAFT will now assume WSHZ PD responsibilities. (Tue, 12/11)

Radio & Records:

Morning co-host Shelly Kay is leaving Cumulus CHR/Top 40 WKFR/Kalamazoo, MI in early ’08 for a new gig TBA. ‘KFR PD Kruze now has to spend the better part of his holiday beating
the bushes for just the right replacement to team up with Matt Walker. (Wed, 12/12)


Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Dec 13, 2007



Detroit Free Press:

Wednesday's monthly Arbitron radio ratings report showed that Drew Lane's absence from the morning show at WRIF-FM (101.1) since late September is starting to show. Among all listeners ages 12 and older for September, October and November, "The Drew & Mike Show," while maintaining the No. 1 position for 6-10 a.m., went from an 8.7 for August, September and October to a 7.8. In the key ad-attractive demographic of ages 25-54 for the same dates, the show dropped from a 12.7 to an 11.7 while maintaining the No. 1 position. Lane has been off the air -- save for one call-in -- since late September while he cares for his fiancée, Tess Schuster, who has breast cancer. Lane attorney Mike Novak, asked Wednesday for a status update, said Lane is "enjoying his time off. There's nothing new to report; I don't expect any news until the first of the year"... Still no word on Drew's return as ratings hiccup (Thu, 12/13)

Detroit News:

WCSX-FM (94.7)'s J.J. and Lynne , just back from witnessing the Led Zeppelin reunion show Monday night in London, will be broadcasting their annual Holiday Show live from 6-9 a.m. today at Plum Market in Bloomfield Township. They'll be giving away free food samples, talking to guests and having carolers stop by from the Meadow Brook Theatre ... Last Sunday night, CKLW's Teddy "Bear" Richards held forth on WOMC-FM (104.3 ), and the flashback continues, as this Sunday former CKLW jock Johnny Williams will be hosting from 7 p.m. to midnight. Williams was on the Big 8 from '69 until '82, and later was heard on WNIC-FM (100.3) ... This Saturday, starting at 1 p.m., Cyndy Canty from WMGC-FM (105.1) 's morning show will be a celebrity gift wrapper at Lisa's Gift Wrappers, 28834 Woodward Ave. in Royal Oak. A portion of the proceeds will go to Detroit's Capuchin Soup Kitchen... It's holiday time today for WCSX (Thu, 12/13)

Think of it as weekly group therapy for thousands of frustrated Lions fans, carried out on the Web. FOX 2's "Monday Morning Quarterback" Web casts on are a hit -- thanks to the slumping Lions and fans needing to vent. The idea to do a live show (8:30-10:30 a.m.) actually hatched when the Lions were 6-2 (remember those heady days?). The "MMQ" format is remarkably interactive: It's a live video Web feed, originating from FOX 2's newsroom. Fans can phone in, e-mail or participate in a chat room. It's funky-form broadcasting, a lot looser than anything seen on TV or heard on radio. "It's a real work in progress, something we're having fun with," said Dana Hahn, news director for FOX 2 and the originator of the "MMQ" idea. "I don't think there is any other outlet on a Monday morning to allow Lions fans like this to vent, wherever they are. And lately, we've really needed to vent"... FOX 2 Webcast snares Lions fans (Thu, 12/13)

Top 5 stations among all listeners in the second fall ratings trend were WMXD-FM, WJR, WWJ, WJLB-FM and WVMV-FM... Detroit 12+ fall phase II ratings (Wed, 12/12)


Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Dec 14, 2007



Detroit News:

The search for a new WDIV-TV (Channel 4) traffic reporter has come down to four Metro Detroit candidates. The finalists are Ashlee Baracy, a substitute teacher from Westland; Heather Zara, a sports reporter from Warren; Cephus Harris, a mortgage supervisor from Hazel Park; and Lauren Podell, an Oakland University student from Shelby Township... WDIV wraps up traffic reporter search (Fri, 12/14)

All in all, Rob Wolchek will tell you it's good to be recognized, and good to have a recognizable catchphrase. If he didn't hear people hollering at him as he strolls a mall or bounds up the concrete steps at a Pistons game, it might mean he'd wasted the past 10 years. But sometimes, he concedes, the timing can be peculiar. Wolchek, 48, does consumer-protection stories for WJBK-TV (Channel 2). Translated, that means he hunts down scammers and sleazebags. Then, as a capper to his reports, he relegates the offenders to the "Hhha-a-a-a-ll of Shame!"... Rob Wolchek's Fox 2 special revisits best of the worst (Fri, 12/14)

WJR's annual Christmas Sing set for Saturday morning

The 42nd Annual WJR Christmas Sing, this year hosted by morning man Paul W. Smith, will take place tomorrow, December 15th, from 10-11 AM at the Grand Court inside Somerset North, part of the Somerset Collection on Big Beaver Road in Troy. Families are invited for a morning of Christmas caroling and fun during this long-standing holiday tradition. More details at

Kevin Murphy named Senior Vice President/market manager of CBS Radio Detroit

CBS RADIO today announced Kevin Murphy as Senior Vice President and Market Manager of the Company’s six stations in the nation’s 11th ranked radio market. The appointment is effective immediately.

For the past two and a half years, Murphy has served as Vice President and General Manager of Oldies 104.3 WOMC-FM, and added oversight of WXYT-AM and WKRK-FM to his responsibilities last year at this time. He played a pivotal role in the recent format change of WKRK-FM to 97.1 The Ticket WXYT-FM, a 24-hour sports station. He will continue as Vice President and General Manager of the WOMC and WXYT.

Rounding out the management team in Detroit, is Rich Homberg, Vice President and General Manager of WWJ-AM, Detroit’s only all-news station, and Deb Kenyon, who was recently announced as the cluster’s new Director of Sales, a position previously held by Murphy since December 2005. Kenyon also serves as Vice President and General Manager of WYCD-FM and WVMV-FM.

Murphy has been with CBS RADIO for more than 10 years. He joined the Company in 1997 as General Sales Manager of Buffalo’s WYRK-FM and, less than a year later, was named Director of Sales for the entire cluster of stations in the market. In July 2004, Murphy was named Market Manager of CBS RADIO Rochester where the Company previously operated four stations.


Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Dec 16, 2007



Ann Arbor News:

If you're tired of the same old Christmas songs over and over again, check out C.J. Mac's original tune "A Peaceful World,'' now getting airplay on WLEN (103.9 FM) in Adrian. Mac, 68, who lives in the Ann Arbor area, wrote the song 20 years ago and it appears on the 2005 CD of the same name ... If your New Year's Eve plans call for a quiet evening at home, Garrison Keillor and "A Prairie Home Companion'' offer a special holiday broadcast with recordings from Nashville's Ryman Auditorium. Keillor hosts, and welcomes, among others, Suzy Bogguss, Sam Bush, Cowboy Jack Clement, Emmylou Harris, Old Crow Medicine Show, Jon Randall, Rhonda Vincent & The Rage, and Robin & Linda Williams... It's 'A Peaceful World' for resident (Sun, 12/16)

Detroit Free Press:

Want hot Drew Lane news? Well, the away-on-leave WRIF-FM (101.1) morning host says he is staying busy while helping fiancée Tess Schuster through cancer therapy by penning a book. A book on what? A book on the 16 years -- so far -- he's spent at WRIF, partnered first with Peter Zipfel and then Mike Clark... Radio's Lane set to write dishy book (Sun, 12/16)

High-definition was a buzzword for television this year, and so was high anxiety. The state of the tube in 2007 and the outlook for next year are prompting more worry than optimism. Unanswered questions keep piling up like an avalanche of season cliffhangers. What will happen with the Hollywood writers strike? What do advances in technology mean for the future? Will the multitude of choices for viewers lead to a more divided society? Smaller issues, too, are looming large... Is TV in trouble? (Sun, 12/16)


West Michigan: Newsmakers Dec 16, 2007



Grand Rapids Press:

WWMT-TV (Channel 3), will launch a 10 p.m. newscast on its sister station, CW7, starting Jan. 7, general manager James Lutton said. "We have been planning this expansion for a year," Lutton said. "We think that the 10 p.m. time period is underserved with good options for news. It has become a very successful time period for viewing--primarily because it is such a convenient time." Anchoring "Newschannel 3 Live at 10 on CW7" on weekdays will be anchor Jeff McAtee, sports director Ed Kengerski and meteorologist Keith Thompson ... Kurtis Kaechele has been promoted to director of marketing for WOOD-TV (Channel 8), WOTV (Channel 4) and WXSP-TV. Kaechele has worked at WOOD for more than three years in the promotions department as a producer and most recently as manager... Broadcast notes: CW7 gets 10 p.m. newscast (Sun, 12/16)


By: Art Vuolo

On The RadioAccording to certain holiday songs this is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, unless you work for one of the big radio conglomerates.

Two weeks ago, I said that the popular “The Deminski and Doyle Show” on sports WXYT-FM (97.1) was counting down its last 10 shows. They have apparently not been able to agree on a new contract with the station. In a move that some insiders call “questionable,” WXYT station management pulled the plug a week early, as Mike Austerman reported last Sunday. Some listeners have contacted us, calling the move “gutless” and “unfair” since the duo of the station’s top-rated show did not have a chance to say goodbye to their many fans. Both Austerman and I agree.

Only God knows who will be coaching University of Michigan football and if Jeff Deminski and Bill Doyle settle with CBS for an extension on their contract. If I could have it my way, Les Miles will take the U-M job, and Deminski and Doyle will remain on the air in Detroit. Stay tuned.

 • • • • • • • • 

Half of the “Jamie and Brady” team has resurfaced at The Fan, sports WDFN-AM (1130), just as we expected. But where is Gregg Brady? It appears that Clear Channel management, which, like so many radio owners, is trimming overhead and could not yet come to agreeable terms with Brady. Meantime Rob Otto remains on board with Jamie Samuelsen. This is not unique to just Detroit. In Los Angeles, Kim Amidon of the popular KOST morning show, “Mark and Kim,” was let go and her replacement is working for far less money. In Chicago, a popular local morning show was dropped by WGCI for syndicated funnyman Steve Harvey. Harvey is locally on Mix 92.3 FM, WMXD.


Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Dec 17, 2007



Detroit News:

When it comes to television, Loretta Jasniak is proud to say she's picky. The Clinton Township resident is "disgusted" about all the sex and violence on TV nowadays. So, for entertainment, her remote control often lands on Animal Planet or Comcast channel 5 for the latest about her local government, community activities and emergency updates. But next month when Comcast moves its public, educational and government channels from lower-numbered channels to somewhere in the 900s, her preferred viewing options will be even more limited. That is, unless Jasniak -- and other analog customers -- sign up for a special converter box that will cost about $4 a month after the first year. "I have no intention of paying Comcast any more money than I do now," said Jasniak, 79, whose basic cable bill is about $44 a month. But "if we don't get this stupid box, we have no way of knowing what's going on in our township. I'd be out in the dark without that. This is terrible. It should remain the way it is"... Comcast local access shift riles viewers (Mon, 12/17)


Mid-Michigan: Newsmakers Dec 18, 2007



Saginaw News:

Broadcasters in Saginaw, Bay, Midland and Genesee counties will help raise money Wednesday for the United Way of Saginaw County during Click n' Give Day. On-air radio and television personalities will invite their Saginaw County listeners and viewers to go to the stations' Web sites to donate to United Way's annual fundraising campaign ... Television stations participating are Channel 5, WNEM; Channel 6, MY5; and Channel 12, WJRT. Radio participants are WNEM-AM, 1250; WHNN-FM, 96.1; WFBE-FM, 95.1; WMJO-FM, 97.3; WSAG-FM, 104.1; WKCQ-FM, 98.1; WSGW-AM, 790; WCEN-FM, 94.5; and WGER-FM, 106.3.Broadcasters assist United Way drive (Mon, 12/17)


Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Dec 18, 2007



Detroit Free Press:

Deminski and Doyle are done in Detroit — at least for one year. “Officially, Deminski and Doyle has left the station and they will not be back on the air on CBS in Detroit,” says the duo’s Troy-based entertainment lawyer, Mike Novak. Jeff Deminski and Bill Doyle have hosted a show on WXYT-FM (97.1) for eight years but could not agree on a contract with station owner CBS. “We would hate for listeners to think this was a money thing, because it was never really a money thing,” Deminski told the Free Press Tuesday afternoon. “More than that, it was mainly all about the length of time.” D&D had wanted a one-year contract with WXYT without a non-compete clause while CBS wanted two years plus a half-year non-compete clause. The duo declined the offer on Friday, Novak says... Deminski and Doyle done in Detroit (Tue, 12/18)

ALL ACCESS has learned that it's over between CBS Sports WXYT-A-F (97.1 THE TICKET)/DETROIT and morning stars DEMINSKI AND DOYLE, who will exit after the expiration of their contracts on DECEMBER 31st. D&D, who arrived at CBS' 97.1 FM frequency (then Talk WKRK) after a successful run at Talk WKXW (NEW JERSEY 101.5)/TRENTON, spent eight years in afternoon drive before moving to mornings with the FM station's format flip in OCTOBER. The hosts are exiting after being unable to reach agreement on the length of a contract extension and have a 12-month non-compete for the DETROIT market, but are open to either waiting the year out or looking into offers from outside the market.

JEFF DEMINSKI tells ALL ACCESS, "Besides the sub-standard financial offer, the bigger sticking point was length of time. Between the term of their offer and a half-year non-compete stuck on the end of it, we would have been locked up for two-and-a-half years with a company that kept us in the dark about the format flip, tried to bully us by taking us off the air twice in less than three months, gave us 72 hours notice to launch a morning show, wouldn't allow us to say goodbye to the most loyal of listeners after nearly a decade-long relationship, and a lot of things I won't even get into. After throwing brand new management at us, a brand new consultant, a brand new format and brand new shift with no input from us whatsoever, we know that asking for a one-year deal to 'let's all see how it goes after that' was more than reasonable. It is unfortunate the company did not value us more after we generated nearly 70% of all the station's revenue over the years, but I do thank CBS for the time and opportunity we had there and I wish the station success."

Detroit News:

Metro Detroiters are being courted by Comcast Corp. and AT&T Inc. in a marketing frenzy the broadband providers hope will help them keep their customers and convince others to switch sides. In a fever to gain more market share, the region's two biggest providers of bundled broadband services -- digital television, high-speed Internet access and feature-rich home phone -- are blitzing consumers with ads. Industry analysts and marketing experts say Metro Detroit's battle of the broadband is one of the most heated in the nation, and likely won't cool anytime soon. Since May, when AT&T launched U-verse, its bundled service package, the region's two largest carriers have been ratcheting up their sales pitches... Comcast, AT&T rivalry heats up (Tue, 12/18)


Local 4 decided to pull a double shift by choosing two candidates out of the Final 4 as its next traffic reporter(s). Lauren Podell and Heather Zara will have all lanes covered after the first of the year... 2-Lane Traffic For Local 4 (Mon, 12/17)

Luke Spencer To Leave WKHQ:
After almost 10 years on the job, MACDONALD GARBER BROADCASTING Top 40/Mainstream WKHQ/TRAVERSE CITY, MI OM/PD/afternoons LUKE SPENCER (HAGELBERG) is resigning. His last day is FRIDAY, DEC. 21st. SPENCER is heading to CALIFORNIA to find greener, not to mention, warmer, pastures. (Tue, 12/18)


Mid-Michigan: Newsmakers Dec 20, 2007



CMU graduate assistant awarded national broadcasting scholarship

Academic excellence and co-curricular involvement have led one Central Michigan University graduate student to receive a nationally competitive broadcasting scholarship.

Pinconning native Aaron Jones, a video production graduate assistant in CMU's School of Broadcast and Cinematic Arts, recently received the Helen J. Sioussat/Fay Wells Scholarship from the Broadcast Education Association. The $1,250 scholarship is one of only 14 awarded annually to students at BEA member schools throughout the country.

Peter Orlik, director of CMU's School of Broadcast and Cinematic Arts, said it has been several years since a CMU broadcasting student has received a scholarship from the extremely competitive program.

"Aaron's success is indicative of the comprehensive and high-quality work that BCA undergraduate and graduate students produce throughout their careers at CMU," Orlik said.

Flint Journal:

WWCK-FM (105.5) morning host Mike MacDonald said five of his listeners got early -- and needed -- Christmas presents from Trans-Siberian Orchestra founding member Paul O'Neill. MacDonald interviewed O'Neill on the air a couple of weeks ago and had to put him on hold to return to the air for a segment about a wish list to help needy local families... Founder aids local radio listeners (Thu, 12/20)


Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Dec 20, 2007



Jay Towers and Bill McAllister to host 'Motor City Mornings' on WXYT-FM beginning January 2nd

They’re baaaack – The familiar voices of Jay Towers and Bill McAllister will be returning to WXYT-FM (97.1), this time for mornings, beginning January 2nd at 6:00am. The duo were co-hosts of ‘Motor City Middays’, along with Shila, until October when the station switched from talk to sports and both have remained under contract with CBS Radio. They will be joined by producer Jon Klaft for the 6-10 am time slot. Shila, who moved back to Pennsylvania, is not part of the current plans as the details of what will be called ‘Motor City Mornings’ are still being worked out.

Towers commented that the opportunity came as a big shock, especially considering his recent appointment as midday host and music director for sister station oldies WOMC-FM (104.3)- positions he will give up to move back into talk radio full time. He commented, “I’ve really loved my time at WOMC and working for program director Scott Walker, who was working in Philadelphia radio where I was grew up. It’s been a dream come true working for Scott – but the opportunity to do mornings again was something I just couldn’t pass up.”

“We are thrilled to have Jay and Bill back together” said Dan Zampillo, WXYT program director. “They have great relationships with their listeners and are the ultimate pros on-air, complimenting the best lineup in Detroit radio. I expect the station to only get better as we move forward with our new anchor team.”

Ted “The Bear” Richards returns to the Motor City for afternoons on WOMC

Radio legend Ted “The Bear” Richards will officially returns to Detroit radio on Friday, Feb. 1, 2008 as 104.3 WOMC’s afternoon drive host (3:00-7:00PM). In addition, the show will be streaming online at Detroit listeners will be familiar with Richards, whom they voted People Magazine’s Jock of the Year in 1979 for his time at CKLW, the station where he spent 13 years. For the past 11 years, Richards was a morning drive host in Denver.

Of the appointment, WOMC Program Director Scott Walker said, “It is a pleasure for WOMC to bring a great talent like Ted back to Detroit, where he has a storied history in radio. Ted always dreamed of returning to Detroit, home to his family and loyal listeners, and now he will have the chance to rule the airwaves once again, so Detroit, get ready!”

Richards added, “This is an awesome opportunity for me to come back to one of my favorite cities. I am thrilled to have the chance to reconnect with many of my old listeners and fans from Michigan and the surrounding area.”

Detroit News:

This Saturday, DJ Lisa Lisa , formerly of WHYT-FM (96.3) and WDRQ-FM (93.1) will launch a new Saturday Night Dance Party show, from 8 p.m. to midnight on WOMC-FM (104.3) in the slot formerly occupied by DonPhillips ' Saturday Night request show. Lisa Lisa's Dance Party show will feature hits from artists K.C. and the Sunshine Band, Donna Summer, the Bee Gees and others, including listener requests. Phillips isn't going anywhere. He will take over WOMC 8 p.m. to midnight Sunday nights with a show called "The Hall of Fame," featuring the legends of rock from the '50s and '60s... WOMC to launch Saturday dance party with DJ Lisa Lisa (Thu, 12/20)

Another tumultuous year in Detroit sports-talk radio is coming to a close, but don't look for peace and resolution to come in 2008. More changes are likely in the air, for a few reasons: WXYT's shift to FM means the AM side is expendable. WXYT is marketing everything by the 97.1 "The Ticket" moniker. Plus, simulcasting on an AM and FM signal isn't a good way to make money. Selling commercials to two stations, probably with two formats/identities, is the way to go. WDFN's and WXYT's cost-cutting binges, mandated by their corporate parents, probably won't abate any time soon. The sagging Michigan economy makes it harder to get advertisers. Corporations, such as Clear Channel (WDFN) and CBS (WXYT), want to make as much money as possible, and that might mean cutting more staff to maintain profits. The casualties over the last two months have been impressive... Peace is unlikely for radio stations in '08 (Thu, 12/20)

Detroit 's 103.5 FM to Help Ring in Christmas Morning on Fox 2

Metro Detroiters who tune in to Fox 2 WJBK-TV on Christmas morning will be treated to Christmas carols sung by local students. The WMUZ Carolers, representing Detroit's 103.5 FM WMUZ and made up of local youngsters, will sing live during Fox 2's live Christmas morning newscast.

"Christmas is about the joy of celebrating Jesus," said WMUZ morning man Jon Culbert, "and that's what we at WMUZ are about all year round, so we're excited to have this special role in Detroit's Christmas morning."

The carolers, who range in age from 6 to 13, attracted the attention of Fox 2's Robin Schwartz when they sang in Berkley in November to support that community's efforts to keep a Nativity Scene on city property.

"The kids have worked really hard to prepare for this," said WMUZ morning co-host Shannyn Caldwell, who will appear with the children on the telecast. "They're excited to help spread the joy of Christmas to all of metro Detroit."

The carolers will appear at approximately 8:45 a.m. December 25th on Fox 2.

WDET to air Mosaic Youth Theatre's "Woodward Wonderland"

WDET-FM 101.9, Detroit Public Radio, is pleased to partner with Mosaic Youth Theatre of Detroit for an exclusive broadcast of "Woodward Wonderland: A Detroit Holiday Celebration," Mosaic's original holiday production that was performed last weekend at the Detroit Film Theatre
of the DIA.

WDET producers recorded the performances and this special broadcast will air on Sunday, December 23 from 1:00pm - 3:00pm and again on Christmas Day, Tuesday, December 25 from 10:00am - 12:00 noon.

"Woodward Wonderland: A Detroit Holiday Celebration" is a feast of holiday stories, sweetened with the heart-warming, pitch-perfect harmonies of the Mosaic Singers, Woodward Wonderland
celebrates the holidays...Detroit-style. The performance features cast of more than 100 performers, and local guest artists.

The special broadcast will also include an interview with Mosaic Youth Theatre's CEO and founder Rick Sperling and artistic director Ken Anderson.

Set your Dial

Martin Bandyke’s Fine Tuning, heard on WQKL-FM 107.1, features the Vince Guaraldi Trio's classic album ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ in its entirely Sunday afternoon at 4pm … Sunday's Somewhere In Time program features the holiday music of Fred Waring and his glee club. In addition to his music, Waring was also the inventor of the Waring Blender which is still sold today. Tune in at 6 pm on WMUZ-FM 103.5 and WRDT-AM 560 … Sunday evening's edition of "The Evolution of Jazz" with Ed Love, heard at 8pm on WDET features jazz recordings of the 1920's – early 30's.


Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Dec 21, 2007



Detroit News:

WKQI-FM's (95.5) "Mojo in the Morning" co-host Sara Fouracre is leaving the hit morning show effective this morning, hosts announced on the air today. Her future plans are not yet known. Fouracre, a graduate of Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts, was responsible for the program's popular "Celebrity Dirt" and "War of the Roses" segments. She had been a member of the show since its 2000 debut... 'Mojo in the Morning' co-host Sara Fouracre leaves WKQI (Fri, 12/21)

Listen to Bob Sliva talk about his nearly lifelong courtship with his wife Sandy and you can't help but like him. Although the couple has been married for 31 years, the two have been friends since the second grade, and nothing warms you to a man better than his 50-year romance. "When I tell people we're celebrating our 50th anniversary, they do the math and stare at me," says Sliva, 57. "That's our little joke." How can Sliva be funny and likable when he, if only by insinuation, is supposed to be the bad guy who is taking over the reins at WXYZ-TV (Channel 7) Jan. 1? After all, if you replace a bad guy, you're a saint. Replace a saint, and you're a bad guy... Channel 7's Bob Sliva knows the territory (Fri, 12/21)

WDIV-TV (Channel 4) dayside meteorologist Eric Wilson is leaving Detroit for sunnier skies. Wilson, who has been with the local NBC affiliate for eight years, will be joining WDIV's Post-Newsweek sister-station WKMG-TV (Channel 6), the CBS affiliate in Orlando, Fla. His last day at WDIV will be Dec. 28. Wilson made a name for himself at WDIV as part of the station's noon newscast... WDIV loses its day weatherman (Fri, 12/21)

WQKL Rocks For The Hungry

Cheers to the Washtenaw County community for stepping up to the plate December 5th-9th to make Ann Arbor’s 107one annual Rockin’ for the Hungry food drive such a huge success. The station has been “freezin’ for a reason” outside of Busch’s on Main Street for nineteen years to benefit local food bank Food Gatherers, which distributes more than 3.6 million pounds of food to over 150 non-profit programs a year. The need for nutritious food in Washtenaw County has increased significantly over the past year and the station's goal was increased from 107 tons to 150 tons in an effort to help meet that need. By the end of the five day broadcast, the community donated food and funds totaling 214 tons, the equivalent of $642,000 worth of food. This translates into 285,326 meals for neighbors struggling to make ends meet.

Food pantries throughout Michigan and the nation are reporting shortages in the charitable food supply and significant increases in demand for food assistance. Thanks to the generosity of all the folks associated with Rockin’, Food Gatherers food bank will be adequately stocked this holiday season.


Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Dec 23, 2007



Detroit Free Press:

It was a premium music station for a premium music town. And two years later, they still can't stop talking about the fact that it's gone. It was this week in December 2005 when fans of WDET-FM got the news: The Detroit public radio station, locally beloved and nationally renowned, was massively scaling back its longtime music lineup in favor of syndicated news-talk programming. Passions ran high in the weeks following WDET's abrupt overhaul. Protest groups were formed, demonstrations held, donations withheld. All went for naught. The station's managers held firm to their decision -- a move driven, they said, by cold economic realities. Today, asked if the old WDET might return, the station chief answers with a sympathetic but emphatic "no." By now, the shock has subsided, but the shockwaves continue to reverberate, say many in Detroit's music world... WDET: 2 years of talk, Where WDET on-air hosts are now, (Sun, 12/23)

CKWW to ring in 2008 with Oldies Dance Party and the History of Rock & Roll

Robb Duncan of CKWW AM 580, Motor City Favorites will host the 2nd Annual “AM 580 New Years Eve Oldies Party” from 6 PM until 12 midnight on December 31st. He’ll play the best Oldies dance music from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s to ring in the New Year. There will be lots of great feel-good songs to get you dancing all evening long to usher in 2008.

But first, to get the day started, AM 580 will replay the first six hours of “The History of Rock & Roll” on New Years Eve day from Noon to 6 PM. Take a nostalgic look back at the beginnings of Rock with this series that covers two decades of music from a unique perspective.

On January 1st, AM 580 will continue “The History of Rock & Roll” all day long from 9 AM – 9PM.

Ann Arbor News:

WEMU (89.1 FM) has lots of holiday programming planned Christmas Day. Here's the lineup... WEMU will have a very jazzy Christmas (Sun, 12/23)


Mid-Michigan: Newsmakers Dec 23, 2007



Midland Daily News:

I’ve taken to listening to a lot of audio books lately instead of the radio during the evenings. And it’s all because of satellites. It’s happened all over the country: rock, country, talk and Christian stations have taken to using satellite feeds instead of having local DJs and announcers. That way, some boy DJ in L.A. or some husky-voiced chick in New York City delivers the same music to 25 stations via satellite. Sophisticated computer programming allows station identification, weather and local ads to be interspersed at just the right times. I think it’s pretty sad, and I think midsize-market radio is going to have to get a lot better for me to start getting into it again... Satellite feeds take away the local radio flavor (Sun, 12/23)


West Michigan: Newsmakers Dec 23, 2007



Grand Rapids Press:

At this time of year, I usually reflect back on the year's radio and television industry news and create winners in a variety of categories. Remember, this is only my opinion. I like to call it Pierson's Picks. Nice guys finish first- Without a doubt, one of the nicest people in the broadcast industry is Andy Rent from WTRV-FM (100.5) The River. He's graced the West Michigan airwaves for more than three decades. Rent is a class act -- a true gentleman -- who never says an unkind word about anyone. His radio show is family-friendly and community-minded. Trailblazer- News director Tim Dye from WXMI-TV (Channel 17) wins this award for setting up the successful Fox News at 10 product. Now, competitors are following suit... It's time for Pierson's Picks of TV, radio (Sun, 12/23)

WGVU-TV celebrated its 35th anniversary Monday. Since its inception, the changes at the station have been continual -- including the addition of a second TV station, WGVK, and the addition of two digital stations, DT-11 in Grand Rapids and DT-5 in Kalamazoo. General manager Michael Walenta is excited about the possibilities that await the station... 35 years on the air (Sun, 12/23)

Casey Ann Acevedo, daughter of long-time radio personalities Dave Jagger and Geri Jarvis, who also worked as their show producer, is leaving her job at Gemini Publications. She is heading to Idaho to work at KZMG-FM (93.1), an adult Top 40 radio station... Destined to stay in radio (Sun, 12/23)

WOOD-FM (Star 105.7) and the Helen DeVos Children's Hospital joined last week to raise funds during a special holiday radio marathon to benefit children's programs and services. Michigan Office Solutions donated $25,000 of the total... Holiday radio marathon (Sun, 12/23)

Tim Geraghty, news director at WZZM-TV (Channel 13), has been promoted to vice president at the local Gannet-owned station. The station's president and general manager, Janet Mason, said the promotion was due to Geraghty's newsroom leadership and his contributions to the success of the news product... Tim Geraghty promoted (Sun, 12/23)

If you missed Calvin Oratorio Society's production of Handel's "Messiah," in DeVos Hall, you still can enjoy highlights on TV, in your home. WGVU-TV (Channel 35) will air a one-hour version of the production, featuring soloists, Oratorio Society Chorus and Calvin College Orchestra, all conducted by Joel Navarro. The show will air at 9 tonight... Tune in 'Messiah' on WGVU-TV (Sun, 12/23)

Many readers have asked why WOOD-TV's (Channel 8) Rachel Ruiz doesn't appear on weekend newscasts anymore. Rachel no longer is the weekend anchor, but has stayed with the station as a general assignment reporter and anchor for 24 Hour News 8 at noon. Where's Rachel? (Sun, 12/23)

Ten years ago, Jason Terzis' Christmas wasn't filled with presents or eggnog or Santa Claus. Instead it was built around a moving van and a full day of work at his new job at WOOD-TV 8. Terzis had never even set foot in Michigan until he was interviewed by sports director Jack Doles, who was manning the sports desk by himself in December 1997 after the back-to-back departures of Tracy Flesch and Matt Winer. Terzis, then 27 and working in Macon, Ga., soon was hired and quickly filled a U-Haul for the long drive to Grand Rapids... Terzis marks 10 years with WOOD-TV (Fri, 12/21)


Television: Newsmakers Dec 23, 2007



Broadcasting & Cable:

House Energy & Commerce Committee Chairman John Dingell has asked top cable operator Comcast to rethink moving public, educational and government (PEG) channels to the digital tier in some Michigan communities. Dingell (D-Mich.) called "very troubling" news that some of his constituents and other Michiganders aregoing to have to install a set-top box and eventually pay a monthly fee if they want to receive the PEG channels. In a letter to Comcast Chairman Brian Roberts Friday, Dingell said he was concerned about what he said was Comcast's decision to move the PEG channels... Dingell asks Comcast to rethink PEG policy (Fri, 12/21)


By: Mike Austerman

On The RadioThey’re baaaack. The familiar voices of Jay Towers and Bill McAllister will be returning to WXYT-FM (97.1), this time for mornings, beginning Jan. 2 at 6 a.m. The duo were co-hosts of “Motor City Middays,” along with Shila Nathan, until October when the station switched from talk to sports and both have remained under contract with CBS Radio. They will be joined by producer Jon Klaft for the 6-10 a.m. time slot. Nathan, who moved back to Pennsylvania, is not part of the current plans as the details of what will be called “Motor City Mornings” are still being worked out.

Towers commented that the opportunity came as a big shock, especially considering his recent appointment as midday host and music director for sister station Oldies WOMC-FM (104.3) — positions he will give up to move back into talk radio full-time. He commented, “I’ve really loved my time at WOMC and working for program director Scott Walker, who was working in the Philadelphia area, where I grew up. It’s been a dream come true working for Scott — but the opportunity to do mornings again was something I just couldn’t pass up.”

A new multi-year deal was cut through Los Angeles-based agent Glenn Goldstein who represents all three of the “new” guys and signals that WXYT management has decided to stick with a mainstream-style show in the morning that will focus on a variety of topics instead of only sports gab. Towers knows he’s not a sportstalk guy, but is comfortable calling on the knowledge of McAllister and all the other WXYT hosts when big sports-related stories are making news.

Plugging in a show that was already familiar to listeners gives the station an advantage of not having to start building a new audience from scratch and gives a clear example of why you rarely see radio personalities go out of their way to burn their bridges.

 • • • • • • • • 

The announcement of the Towers/McAllister combo marked the official end to the tumultuous relationship between CBS Radio management and former morning hosts Jeff Deminski and Bill Doyle who will be officially terminated on Dec. 31. Deminski and Doyle rejected a final contract offer from CBS about a week ago with the primary sticking point between the two sides being the length of the deal. CBS proposed two years with a six-month non-compete clause while D&D were seeking a one-year agreement so that everyone could better assess how the show matched up with the sports format of 97.1. Talking about their program’s listeners, Deminski commented, “People here are underestimated just like our show was. They are smarter, tougher, funnier, kinder and just plain better than the rest of the country gives them credit for. I’ve never had more fun or felt closer with any other group of fans. They deserved a farewell show, and so did we.”

When listeners invest in getting to know radio hosts, it’s tough to accept that the bond can be broken over what turns out to be a business decision. In a long-form talk program like D&D offered, listeners become more like friends because of how personal their show was at times. It’s a sad commentary that the link between listeners and radio hosts seems to be forgotten in the negotiation room.

Just like any other talk program, there were topics on the Deminski and Doyle program that weren’t appealing to everyone, but what shouldn’t be overlooked is that these guys worked extremely hard to learn the market and indeed became fully embraced by fans as fellow Detroiters.

As Deminski prepares to either sit out a one-year non-compete clause or take a job in another city he commented, “I want to wish the station and CBS much success. Plenty of good, hard-working people are still there behind the scenes, and I hope they keep them.”


Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Dec 24, 2007



Crain's Detroit Business:

Don't look for the Federal Communications Commission's decision last week to permit ownership of a newspaper and a television station in the same market in the biggest U.S. cities to spark any deals in Detroit — for now. In a move it said is aimed at bolstering a newspaper industry suffering from shutdowns that stem from plunging circulation rates that siphon away revenue, the FCC decided newspaper companies could buy a television or radio station in the same market, but only in the 20 largest markets and only stations outside of the top four in each market... FCC ruling likely means little to Detroit media market (Mon, 12/24)


West Michigan: Newsmakers Dec 28, 2007



Grand Haven Tribune:

If you heard someone talking about free beer and hot wings, you'd likely think they were headed to happy hour at the local bar. But when folks around West Michigan mention free beer and hot wings, they're more likely talking about the most popular morning radio show in the market: "The Free Beer & Hot Wings Show" on WGRD-FM (97.9). But just how the hosts of the hit show came up with its name is a story more of chance than intention. Gregg "Free Beer" Daniels and Chris "Hot Wings" Michels, college roommates at Central Michigan University, decided to use the personality names as a way to promote their show when they first started in broadcasting at Omaha's 89.7, The River seven years ago... 'Free Beer & Hot Wings' climbs ratings (Thu, 12/27)

Grand Rapids Press:

There might not be a radio station better suited to auto racing than WLAW-FM (92.5), "The Outlaw." At least that's what Berlin Raceway president Scott Lane thinks. "Just check out their logo," Lane said. "It looks like a big old belt buckle." The Citadel-owned "The Outlaw" recently was tabbed to broadcast the 2008 Berlin Raceway season, replacing WMUS-FM (106.9). According to a news release, remaining on a FM signal that's able to reach a wide audience was a major factor in making the radio switch... Berlin finds new home on radio (Fri, 12/28)


Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Dec 28, 2007



WVMV's Zonjic to end 2007 playing hoops and will start '08 playing flute

On December 30, Smooth Jazz WVMV-FM 98.7 morning host Alexander Zonjic will suit up with the Washington Generals against the world famous Harlem Globe Trotters at The Palace of Auburn Hills. Game time is 2 p.m. Jazz flutist Zonjic will also play the national anthem before the event with a seven-piece flute choir.

The Generals have collected the finest group of basketball players they have ever assembled, but they are looking for another player in each city in their efforts to get a victory over their arch rivals. “Even though I’m 6’4”, I’ll probably be the shortest player,” joked Zonjic.

The 2008 “Magic As Ever” Tour marks the Globetrotters’ 82nd consecutive season of touring the world.

Then on December 31, Alexander Zonjic & Friends and the Motor City Horns will perform at a New Year’s Eve celebration at Seldom Blues jazz and supper club located at 400 Renaissance Center in Detroit. A 7 p.m. reception starts off the festivities, followed by a four-course dinner and a champagne toast at midnight. Zonjic is part owner of the award-winning restaurant.

Cumulus hires new local sales manager for Ann Arbor

Cumulus-owned Ann Arbor Radio (WWWW-FM, WQKL-FM, WTKA AM, WLBY AM) has announced the hiring of Doug Gondek as the local sales manager for the cluster. Gondek has experience on both sides of the microphone and has both programming and sales positions in both mid-size and major markets in the past.


• Meredith Corporation/WNEM-TV 5 Bay City was issued a $10,000 Notice of Apparent Liablity for apparently willfully and repeatedly violating FCC Rules, by failing to place in the station’s public inspection file all required TV issues/programs lists and records concerning its compliance with the children’s programming commercial limits. Click here to download FCC document (.pdf).

• Licenses were granted to the following new FM translators: W261BH 100.1 Flint (Educational Media Foundation) and W299BE 107.7 Big Rapids (Mentor Partners).


• None noted


WCCW AM 1310 Traverse City applied for a daytime power increase from its current 15,000 to 50,000 watts using its current 3-tower array.

W66BV LPTV 66 Detroit was granted a construction permit for its digital facilities on channel 47 (W47DL)

• A license was granted to the following new FM translator: W221CA 92.1 Gaylord (Radio Assist Ministry).


WOOD-FM 105.7 Grand Rapids resumed operations at 265,000 watts from its new tower location after operating at 99,000 watts for a number of years. The station applied for its license to cover for its new facilities that allowed it to maintain its grandfathered 'superpower' status. The changes were required due to limited tower space as WOOD-TV 8 expanded into digital broadcasting.

• A license was granted to the following new FM translator: W233BK 94.5 Caro (Radio Assist Ministry).


WAAM AM 1600 Ann Arbor is being transferred by First Broadcasting to Ann Arbor First Ventures Captial Partners as part of a corporate reorganization pending FCC approvals and closing.

• Talk WPIQ FM Manistique has changed frequency from 99.9 to 92.7.

• LPFM station WSFT-LP FM Berrien Springs moved to 105.5 from 96.3 and was granted its license to cover for the frequency change.


• The FCC approved the sale of Clear Channel's Ann Arbor (country WWWW-FM 102.9, adult alternative WQKL-FM 107.1, sports WTKA AM 1050, talk WLBY AM 1290) and Battle Creek (talk WBCK-FM 95.3, soft rock WBXX-FM 104.9, talk WBCK AM 930, silent WBFN AM 1400) clusters to Cumulus Broadcasting. Simultaneously, the Commission approved the transfer of WBFN to Family Life Broadcasting and the transfer of WBCK AM into the Stratus Radio LLC trust. The complicated transaction was first announced in December 2006.

• Taylor University of Fort Wayne, IN is acquiring WCVM-FM 94.7 Bronson from CSN International for $600,000 pending FCC approvals and closing. Taylor operates contemporary Christian WBCL FM 90.3 Fort Wayne along with several other satellite and translator stations that rebroadcast WBCL.

• Young Broadcasting/WLNS-TV 6 Lansing was issued a $4,000 Notice of Apparent Liablity for admitted public file violations. Click here to download FCC document (.pdf).

• Country WMKC-FM 102.9 was granted a construction permit to change its community of license from St. Ignace to Indian River. The application does not contain any request to change the station's technical facilities.

• Licenses were granted to the following new FM translators: W277BB 103.3 Grand Haven (Horizon Christian Fellowship) and W270AY 101.9 Alpena (Radio Assist Ministry).

• The sale of the radio stations owned by Family Educational Broadcasting Corp. of Door County Wisconsin to Bethesda Christian Broadcasting was approved by the FCC. The Michigan stations involved include W244AW 96.7 Iron Mountain, W254AG 98.7 Escanaba, W260AG 99.9 Ishpeming, W294AI 106.1 Marquette and W286BC 105.1 Marquette along with primary stations WRGX-FM 88.5 and contemporary Christian WPFF-FM 90.5, both licensed to Sturgeon Bay, WI.


• The transfer of WAAM AM 1600 Ann Arbor to Ann Arbor First Ventures from First Broadcasting Holdings was approved by the FCC.

• WCGO AM 1600 Chicago Heights, IL has been granted a major modification to its license. If the construction permit is completed, the station will move to AM 1020 and be licensed to Jenison, Michigan where it would only operate during daytime hours.


Mid-Michigan: Newsmakers Dec 29, 2007



Flint Journal:

For the second straight year, WFLT-AM (1420), Flint, has been nominated for a national gospel radio station of the year award, said general manager Sammie Jordan. The prestigious Stellar Awards will be presented Jan. 12 in an annual program in Nashville, Tenn. The local station, which did not win last year, was among more than 60 entries in four radio categories, based on the population of their local markets. WFLT is among five finalists in areas of up to 500,000 population... Radio station finalist for national award (Sat, 12/29)


Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Dec 29, 2007



Lucas named as program director for WNIC

Theresa Lucas will become the program director for soft rock WNIC-FM 100.3 as 2008 begins, replacing Don Gosselin who is exiting to pursue other opportunities.

Lucas adds to her responsibilities as she is also WNIC's music director and midday host (9am - 2pm).


Area radio losses cast a pall over 2007



By: Art Vuolo

On The RadioThe year 2007 was one of the most tumultuous ever in the history of Detroit area radio. Sadly, we said goodbye to former J.P. McCarthy producer Hal Youngblood, along with Jim Davis, Marv Welch and out in Ann Arbor, Mr. Talk Radio, Ted Heusel.

Almost back to back were the double losses of Paul Christy of WNIC (100.3 FM) and WYUR (AM 1310), plus the untimely death of traffic reporter and WMUZ-FM (103.5) morning co-host Rhonda Hart.

Our very first helicopter traffic reporter Barney Stutesman of WXYZ flew over the rainbow, and we said farewell to Dr. Wendell Cox, who co-founded WCHB-AM and created Bell Broadcasting Co. with Dr. Haley Bell. Jim Harper’s longtime producer Mike Bradley lost his mom, and Paul W. Smith lost his dad, William D. Smith, but it was great to hear his recording of “A Letter to a Friend” which is also available on the web site The memorable Gregg Henson’s father died shortly after his mother. Gregg is currently in Austin, Texas.

 • • • • • • • • 

Many of our friends had their voices removed from the local airwaves, either by moving on, or in most cases not being renewed, or being let go by their respective stations. Names now missing include Michelle McKormick at 97.1 FM, along with Johnny Dee and Shila Nathan, followed two weeks ago by Jeff Deminski and Bill Doyle. Johnny Williams left Magic 105.1, Dana Masucci departed the midday slot at WOMC (104.3 FM), only to be followed a few months later by Tom Ryan and Mindy Markowitz, which really upset a lot of listeners, including me. Before that Ryan was told to talk less and play the oldies. We waved goodbye to Opie (Gregg Hughes) and Anthony (Cumia), who never really took root in Detroit, along with syndicated sports guys “Mike and Mike” at WXYT. Grad Brady and Matt Shepard are among the more recently departed, and the familiar voice of David Hall at Rock Financial is now just a memory.

 • • • • • • • • 

This past year started off with marathon shifts by Jay Towers and Bill McAllister at (what was then) Live 97.1 Free FM. Now they’re back but with more respectable hours. There was a huge push for HD Radio at the North American International Auto Show, and the Detroit Tigers and Red Wings joined the Lions on FM. Could the Pistons be jealous as the only local professional sport left on AM? Sports fans were also disappointed to hear Rob Parker of “Parker and the Man” ousted from FM and have to search for a new home, which they finally did at WCHB-AM (1200) complete with No. 1 sub Bernie Fratto.

A woman died in Sacramento, Calif., at a radio contest gone horribly wrong, and stations around here did a lot of rethinking about such promotional escapades. John Mason came back to the airwaves for at least a little while at WGPR-FM (107.5), and Steve Schram, enjoying greater stability at public radio in Ann Arbor, put up a higher tower for WVGR-FM (104.1) over in Grand Rapids. At country WYCD-FM (99.5), Ron Chatman was bumped up to director of digital technology but was gone by the middle of August. WJEW debuted at Temple Israel in West Bloomfield Township, as the brainchild of Corey Berkowitz, and is still alive and kicking at


Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Dec 31, 2007



Ann Arbor News:

Popular morning radio show host Lucy Ann Lance lost her job at WAAM radio, a move she says was attributed to downsizing at the station. Lance said she was informed by managers that she was being let go after her Friday show. Drew Priebe, WAAM's operations manager and producer of Lance's morning show, also was let go. On Monday, the station played a "Best of Lucy Ann Lance." Lance said Monday that she had no idea her job was in jeopardy. "WAAM has prided itself on being 'your local radio station,'" she said. "All of that has been shoved to the side of the road." Priebe and Lance said they were told by management that a syndicated show would fill Lance's morning slot. Station General Manager David Drolshagen said no decision had been made as of Monday afternoon... Lucy Ann Lance show off the air (Mon, 12/31) 2007 News Archive




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