Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Dec 13, 2007




Detroit Free Press:

Wednesday's monthly Arbitron radio ratings report showed that Drew Lane's absence from the morning show at WRIF-FM (101.1) since late September is starting to show. Among all listeners ages 12 and older for September, October and November, "The Drew & Mike Show," while maintaining the No. 1 position for 6-10 a.m., went from an 8.7 for August, September and October to a 7.8. In the key ad-attractive demographic of ages 25-54 for the same dates, the show dropped from a 12.7 to an 11.7 while maintaining the No. 1 position. Lane has been off the air -- save for one call-in -- since late September while he cares for his fiancée, Tess Schuster, who has breast cancer. Lane attorney Mike Novak, asked Wednesday for a status update, said Lane is "enjoying his time off. There's nothing new to report; I don't expect any news until the first of the year"... Still no word on Drew's return as ratings hiccup (Thu, 12/13)

Detroit News:

WCSX-FM (94.7)'s J.J. and Lynne , just back from witnessing the Led Zeppelin reunion show Monday night in London, will be broadcasting their annual Holiday Show live from 6-9 a.m. today at Plum Market in Bloomfield Township. They'll be giving away free food samples, talking to guests and having carolers stop by from the Meadow Brook Theatre ... Last Sunday night, CKLW's Teddy "Bear" Richards held forth on WOMC-FM (104.3 ), and the flashback continues, as this Sunday former CKLW jock Johnny Williams will be hosting from 7 p.m. to midnight. Williams was on the Big 8 from '69 until '82, and later was heard on WNIC-FM (100.3) ... This Saturday, starting at 1 p.m., Cyndy Canty from WMGC-FM (105.1) 's morning show will be a celebrity gift wrapper at Lisa's Gift Wrappers, 28834 Woodward Ave. in Royal Oak. A portion of the proceeds will go to Detroit's Capuchin Soup Kitchen... It's holiday time today for WCSX (Thu, 12/13)

Think of it as weekly group therapy for thousands of frustrated Lions fans, carried out on the Web. FOX 2's "Monday Morning Quarterback" Web casts on are a hit -- thanks to the slumping Lions and fans needing to vent. The idea to do a live show (8:30-10:30 a.m.) actually hatched when the Lions were 6-2 (remember those heady days?). The "MMQ" format is remarkably interactive: It's a live video Web feed, originating from FOX 2's newsroom. Fans can phone in, e-mail or participate in a chat room. It's funky-form broadcasting, a lot looser than anything seen on TV or heard on radio. "It's a real work in progress, something we're having fun with," said Dana Hahn, news director for FOX 2 and the originator of the "MMQ" idea. "I don't think there is any other outlet on a Monday morning to allow Lions fans like this to vent, wherever they are. And lately, we've really needed to vent"... FOX 2 Webcast snares Lions fans (Thu, 12/13)

Top 5 stations among all listeners in the second fall ratings trend were WMXD-FM, WJR, WWJ, WJLB-FM and WVMV-FM... Detroit 12+ fall phase II ratings (Wed, 12/12)







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