Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Dec 18, 2007




Detroit Free Press:

Deminski and Doyle are done in Detroit — at least for one year. “Officially, Deminski and Doyle has left the station and they will not be back on the air on CBS in Detroit,” says the duo’s Troy-based entertainment lawyer, Mike Novak. Jeff Deminski and Bill Doyle have hosted a show on WXYT-FM (97.1) for eight years but could not agree on a contract with station owner CBS. “We would hate for listeners to think this was a money thing, because it was never really a money thing,” Deminski told the Free Press Tuesday afternoon. “More than that, it was mainly all about the length of time.” D&D had wanted a one-year contract with WXYT without a non-compete clause while CBS wanted two years plus a half-year non-compete clause. The duo declined the offer on Friday, Novak says... Deminski and Doyle done in Detroit (Tue, 12/18)

ALL ACCESS has learned that it's over between CBS Sports WXYT-A-F (97.1 THE TICKET)/DETROIT and morning stars DEMINSKI AND DOYLE, who will exit after the expiration of their contracts on DECEMBER 31st. D&D, who arrived at CBS' 97.1 FM frequency (then Talk WKRK) after a successful run at Talk WKXW (NEW JERSEY 101.5)/TRENTON, spent eight years in afternoon drive before moving to mornings with the FM station's format flip in OCTOBER. The hosts are exiting after being unable to reach agreement on the length of a contract extension and have a 12-month non-compete for the DETROIT market, but are open to either waiting the year out or looking into offers from outside the market.

JEFF DEMINSKI tells ALL ACCESS, "Besides the sub-standard financial offer, the bigger sticking point was length of time. Between the term of their offer and a half-year non-compete stuck on the end of it, we would have been locked up for two-and-a-half years with a company that kept us in the dark about the format flip, tried to bully us by taking us off the air twice in less than three months, gave us 72 hours notice to launch a morning show, wouldn't allow us to say goodbye to the most loyal of listeners after nearly a decade-long relationship, and a lot of things I won't even get into. After throwing brand new management at us, a brand new consultant, a brand new format and brand new shift with no input from us whatsoever, we know that asking for a one-year deal to 'let's all see how it goes after that' was more than reasonable. It is unfortunate the company did not value us more after we generated nearly 70% of all the station's revenue over the years, but I do thank CBS for the time and opportunity we had there and I wish the station success."

Detroit News:

Metro Detroiters are being courted by Comcast Corp. and AT&T Inc. in a marketing frenzy the broadband providers hope will help them keep their customers and convince others to switch sides. In a fever to gain more market share, the region's two biggest providers of bundled broadband services -- digital television, high-speed Internet access and feature-rich home phone -- are blitzing consumers with ads. Industry analysts and marketing experts say Metro Detroit's battle of the broadband is one of the most heated in the nation, and likely won't cool anytime soon. Since May, when AT&T launched U-verse, its bundled service package, the region's two largest carriers have been ratcheting up their sales pitches... Comcast, AT&T rivalry heats up (Tue, 12/18)


Local 4 decided to pull a double shift by choosing two candidates out of the Final 4 as its next traffic reporter(s). Lauren Podell and Heather Zara will have all lanes covered after the first of the year... 2-Lane Traffic For Local 4 (Mon, 12/17)







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