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Mid-Michigan: Newsmakers Oct 2, 2007



Mid-Michigan rocks

Active Rock WWBN-FM 101.5 Flint and Rock WJXQ-FM 106.1 Jackson/Lansing each won Station of the Year awards from Radio and Records during the magazine's convention last week.

Both Banana 101.5 and Q106 won for markets 101+ in their respective categories.


Mid-Michigan: Newsmakers Oct 5, 2007



Flint Journal:

Detroit's Free FM (WKRK, 97.1) is now "Detroit's Sports Powerhouse." Owner CBS Radio dropped its talk format for 24-hour sports programming, completing a transition that really started when the FM began broadcasting Tigers, Lions, Red Wings and University of Michigan games a few years back. The station's call letters have changed to WXYT, same as its AM sister (1270). The stations began simulcasting on Monday, with a revamped lineup, including popular afternoon drive hosts Jeff Deminski and Bill Doyle moving to mornings, on Tuesday... Another sports radio source can be heard on FM (Fri, 10/5)


Mid-Michigan: Newsmakers Oct 12, 2007



CMU student elected to top position in National Broadcasting Society

A prestigious national broadcasting organization has chosen a Central Michigan University undergraduate to serve as the voice of its student members.

Novi junior Dan Church, a 2005 graduate of Novi High School, has been appointed chairman of the National Broadcasting Society's Student Advisory Council, serving as a liaison between the student members of NBS and the organization's National Advisory Council.

As chairman, Church is responsible for overseeing meetings of the Student Advisory Council, which includes student representatives from across the country. After discussing the concerns and needs of student chapters, he advises the national council on these topics. He also is involved in planning the organization's national convention in the spring.

"I feel incredibly honored to have the opportunity to represent students at the national level," Church said. "It has been very rewarding so far. I've worked with several interesting faculty members and networked with media professionals from across the country."

Church currently serves as the president of CMU's NBS chapter. The chapter's adviser, broadcast and cinematic arts faculty member Jerry Henderson, lists Church's upbeat demeanor and natural leadership style as contributing factors to his appointment.

At the 2007 NBS national convention in Chicago, Church was named National Rookie Member of the Year. In addition, CMU's chapter was named the nation's Most Improved Chapter.

Church, a broadcast and cinematic arts major, is a Leader Advancement Scholarship recipient and is involved with CMU's student-run television station, MHTV, and its News Central 34 newscast. He also works as a production assistant at WNEM-TV 5 in Saginaw.

"Without the skills that I've learned over the years through the Leadership Institute and the School of Broadcast and Cinematic Arts, I wouldn't have ever been close to holding this position," he said. "Now, I feel confident in my abilities to lead and be the voice of student members."

For more information about the National Broadcasting Society, visit www.nbs-aerho.org. For more information about CMU's chapter of NBS, visit www.bca.cmich.edu/NBS.


Lansing's WVIC-FM (94.1) abandoned its Classic Hits format at 7:00 tonight, in favor of Adult Contemporary, rebranding the station as Soft Rock 94.1, and inaugurating the new format with the addition of the syndicated "Delilah" show. WVIC has also added the syndicated "Bob and Sheri" morning show to its lineup, replacing the local Mary Turner morning program. Turner appears to have departed the station, along with afternoon personality Joe Thomas.

You can see the redesigned WVIC website here.

Lansing State Journal:

Local radio station WVIC (94.1-FM) has shifted its format and disc jockeys, in search of a missing niche. "We think females in their 30s have been underserved," said Dave Johnson, market manager for the Mid-Michigan Radio Group. This morning, WVIC dumped its oldies-type "classic hits" format and many of its DJs. It now has a "soft rock" format that will mix oldies (1970s and up), plus occasional current songs from such people as Kelly Clarkson, John Mayer, Christina Aguilera or Michael Buble... Radio station WVIC changes formats, DJs (Tue, 10/16)


Mid-Michigan: Newsmakers Oct 17, 2007




Just listening to him tell his story, your heart goes out to Earle Robinson. "When I wake (hiccup) up in the morning (hiccup) they're okay, they're gone (hiccup)," he says, albeit slowly. "But (hiccup) then they come back a couple hours later (hiccup) and it's been that way (hiccup) every (hiccup)... everyday." The medical explanation is his diaphragm's contracting every few seconds or so--a case of hiccups so persistent it's tough to get a sentence out. It's been that way since Wednesday. His co-workers are baffled, and he says his doctors are stumped, and there are few jobs worse to have if you have hiccups than Earle's. He does an hour-long radio show called "Sportstalk 870" on WKAR from 2-3 p.m. weekdays and an hour with Tim Staudt on Staudt on Sports Sundays on WILX. Staudt explained it to viewers Sunday, and Robinson suffered through the broadcast but his radio chair has been empty for a week... Local radio personality has had week-long hiccups (Wed, 10/17)


Mid-Michigan: Newsmakers Oct 19, 2007



Flint Journal:

If you listen to "Mike and Stephanie in the AM" on CK 105, you've probably noticed that they haven't been in the studio much on Fridays. The WWCK-FM (105.5) morning team of Mike MacDonald and Stephanie K have been hitting the road; a haunted house here, the Holiday Inn Gateway Center (where they planned to be this morning) there. MacDonald insists it's not just a ratings ploy, though local radio stations have ramped up the contests and community activities lately because they are in the fall ratings campaign. "I just like to get out of the studio," he told me during former "American Idol" singer Elliott Yamin's show Saturday at the Machine Shop. Why? "I don't like to be in the studio," he said. "I like to get out and meet our listeners." The show airs from 5-9 a.m. weekdays and will continue to broadcast live from various locations on Fridays for the foreseeable future ... A team with some pretty impressive credentials has produced the new documentary "Where Do the Children Play?," which examines the recreational activities of children in urban, suburban and rural settings in this part of the state. It debuts at 9 p.m. Tuesday on WFUM (Channel 28)... Radio team enjoys life on the road; PBS looks at child's play (Fri, 10/19)


Mid-Michigan: Newsmakers Oct 28, 2007



Flint Journal:

A Saginaw-based radio station has yanked a mock test off its Web site that reportedly ridiculed Flint School District students through a series of disparaging questions involving gangs, Ebonics, and out-of-wedlock pregnancies. The general manager at WHNN-FM (96.1) said the page was taken down shortly after it appeared and the matter was being handled internally. "We have apologized to everyone who has reached out to the radio station via phone calls and e-mails," said Chris Monk of the classic hits station. But a source with the Flint School District who did not want to be identified called the episode "a Don Imus matter," referring to the uproar caused by derogatory comments the famous radio personality made about the mostly African-American Rutgers women's basketball team... Test called an 'Imus matter' (Sat, 10/27)


Mid-Michigan: Newsmakers Oct 29, 2007



Ray Marshall, former Lansing-area radio manager, dies at age 51

Ray Marshall, who had been the operations manager for the Citadel's Lansing area cluster of radio stations until earlier this year, has died from a reported heart attack at his Holt home at the age of 51.

Former co-worker Dan Kelley provides much more information on Ray on his blog at classicrockfm.blogspot.com.

Lansing State Journal:

As a boy in Cleveland, Ray Zdankiewicz obsessed on radio. "He just loved it," recalled his widow, Bonnie. "Being in radio was the only thing he wanted to do." He thrived in it. Using the name Ray Marshall, he spent 16 years as a leader in local radio, prior to his death Sunday at 51. "In my 30 years of broadcasting, I've never met a better radio man," said Rod Krol, who was general manager of six local stations. Marshall - using the name he was known by - did some on-air shifts at WFMK (99.1-FM). "I remember the first time I heard him, I said, 'Whoa, this guy is really good,' " said Jack Robbins, a local DJ. Most of his work, however, was behind the scenes. "He could do it all - engineering, programming, marketing," said Scott Miller, a former local DJ at WFMK and WITL. Miller had an early glimpse, when they were the only two people at an Ohio station during the 1977 snowstorm. "He had a passion for it," Miller said... Marshall, from boyhood, had passion for radio (Tue, 10/30)


Bay City Times:

The management at WHNN-FM, 96.1, was backpedaling after an apparent joke went awry, and popular morning personality Johnnie Burke is paying the price. In a concise but contrite message, the Saginaw station's leaders offered their ''sincere apologies'' for offending students, parents and staff of Flint Community Schools. They also suspended Burke, who did not comment on the advice of his attorney... Radio DJ Burke is suspended by oldies station (Thu, 11/1)

WJRT-TV /ABC12.com

Flint School Board members are firing back at a morning radio host who used the district as the brunt of what they say was a very distasteful joke. About two weeks ago, Johnny Burke and the morning crew of WHNN Radio in Saginaw joked about a make-believe practical math test being given to Flint students. The test then later appeared on the radio station's Web site. Flint school officials are not finding the humor in the content of the test. The test is 10 math story problems and they are supposed to represent real-life situations for the students in Flint. So instead of students adding and subtracting apples and oranges, they are using drugs, guns and drive-by shootings as their subjects... Flint School Board takes aim at radio host (Wed, 10/31)







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