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Northern Express:

Northern Michigan has several options when it comes to morning radio shows. There are around a couple dozen in all, but let’s face it: ever since The Captain and his crazy antics disappeared from the airwaves, morning radio in these parts has been about as exciting as a morgue. Okay, one could argue that Bob & Tom keep things interesting in the morning with guests like Larry the Cable Guy and other top comedians, but there is another duo on the horizon that is offering something “for the people” that Bob & Tom can’t. Localization. Since arriving last September, Omelette has been at the reins of the WKLT morning show weekdays, from 5:30 a.m. to 10 a.m. on 97.5 and 98.9 on the FM dial. Originally from Connecticut, Omelette came to Northern Michigan with a vision of shaking up mornings in the region... Omelette & Finster make a splash


Daily Mining Gazette:

WGGL 91.1 FM listeners will hear one less familiar voice when they tune in to the radio now. The station, an affiliate of Minnesota Public Radio (MPR), no longer has a local broadcasting presence. WGGL will continue to broadcast out of the station at Michigan Technological University, but it will no longer have a local reporter, said Marcia Goodrich, senior writer for Michigan Technological University Marketing and Communications. The station will be managed through Duluth, said Jennifer Haugh, communications manager for MPR. Local weather will still be broadcast, underwriting is available through the Duluth office and maintenance and upgrades at the Michigan Tech facility will still occur... Local radio station no longer local (Wed, 8/22)







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