Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Jan 21, 2008

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Crain's Detroit Business:

The best drama not on television — the Hollywood writers strike — could soon be over — a happy ending for local affiliates worried about advertising revenue. It's still too soon to say if the new three-year deal reached by the television and movie directors union with the studios late Thursday will lead the striking writers to come quickly to an accord of their own — and stave off steep advertising rate cuts looming for networks and affiliates in Detroit and elsewhere. If the strike, which began Dec. 5, lingers into the spring it could force a drop in local television advertising rates by up to 35 percent, local media buyers predict... A happy ending in view for local TV affiliates? (Mon, 1/21)

Detroit News:

Chris Edwards has been off the air for most of the last three years, and strangers still tell him they watch him every morning. What makes that particularly mystifying is that back when he was the chief meteorologist for WJBK-TV (Channel 2), he worked nights. Strangers have also suggested that he's crazy for quitting a plum job with a six-figure salary. But they're outnumbered by the damp-eyed dads who understand what he did. "I've had men come up to me and say, 'I want to know how you're doing, because I want to do the same thing,' " says Edwards, 46. "I've had them say, 'I wish to hell my father had done something like that, because I never knew him' "... Raising kids is priceless for local weatherman (Mon, 1/21)









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