Mid-Michigan: Newsmakers Jan 21, 2008




Jackson Citizen-Patriot:

Jackson can thank the carnival for WIBM radio. In the 1920s, radio stations traveled with carnivals from town to town, setting up portable transmitters to broadcast to local listeners. When federal licensing stopped classifying those moving stations, whatever city the carnival was in at the time was awarded the license. Jackson landed on the lucky spot. The call letters of WIBM had originally been assigned to a portable transmitter based out of Chicago. Previously, Jackson had access to WHBM, which broadcast in 1925 from the Capitol Theater. WIBM's introduction to the airwaves came on the morning of Nov. 20, 1927. The first program was Pastor Frederick Spence's sermon from the 10:30 a.m. service of First Methodist Church... WIBM radio has had many locations (Mon, 1/21)







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