Television: Newsmakers Jan 15, 2008




Detroit News:

A federal judge late Monday temporarily halted plans by Comcast to move local public access channels to digital TV today. Those plans would have put the channels out of range for hundreds of thousands of basic cable subscribers in Michigan. The city of Dearborn and Meridian Township sued Comcast in federal court Friday and asked U.S. District Judge Victoria A. Roberts for an injunction to stop the move. "It gives us the opportunity to make sure there's a careful examination of what's correct before a decision is made," Dearborn Mayor John "Jack" O'Reilly said Monday night. "We just want to make sure the local programming people rely upon is going to be available to them." A Comcast spokesman said he could not immediately comment on the ruling. The channels in question typically feature coverage of local council meetings, educational programming and notices of community events... Fed judge stops Comcast's channel changes (Tue, 1/15)

Detroit Free Press:

A federal judge late Monday temporarily halted Comcast cable's plans to move community access channels higher up the dial today, putting them beyond the reach of thousands of Michigan cable subscribers with analog televisions. The decision by U.S. District Judge Victoria Roberts in Detroit temporarily prevents Comcast from moving PEG -- public, educational and governmental access -- channels across the state into the 900-level digital range. The move would require subscribers with analog televisions to buy digital cable-ready televisions or rent or buy a digital converter box for each set to continue receiving those channels. Comcast, which offered to provide customers with a free converter box -- a $4-a-month value -- for one year, said the move was designed to free up bandwidth so it could offer more services, including high-definition channels, to its tech-hungry customers... Comcast channel changes on hold (Tue, 1/15)







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