WMAX-FM 96.1 Grand Rapids apparently spinning format wheel

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What was hot adult contemporary 'Max FM', Clear Channel owned WMAX-FM 96.1 Holland/Grand Rapids, entered into stunt mode this afternoon by replacing its regular programming with the sound of a ticking clock. An occasional announcement is made in English that "Max is done, dead and gone" and inviting listeners to stay tuned to see what happens next, followed by another announcement made in Spanish.

The station's web site content has been removed, replaced by a short YouTube video showing "2.4.08 @ 10.01". Until then, the speculation will run rampant on what the new sound of 96.1 will be....

Grand Rapids Press:

I got tipped off at Wednesday night's Auto Show gala that something would be happening at 3 p.m. today on WMAX-FM (96.1). So, I tuned in to hear a Spanish announcer give the legal ID, saying he was broadcasting from a snow-covered cornfield in Hudsonville. That was followed by an annoying ticking sound. So, it seems Clear Channel is getting rid of the Max format of playing a little bit of everything and possibly going all-Spanish. But is it a ploy to make you think that?... What's going on at MAX-FM? (Thu, 1/31)



The new format of alittle bit of everything rock (mostly alternative) is great. I think I just found my new station, sadly I can't pick it up in Ionia, but I listen to it at work. Keep rocking. I personaly like wild ass guitars but you have a real good mix mostly music with minimal djs great thank you






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