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Bandyke set to celebrate 25 years on area radio

Thursday, February 21st marks the 25th anniversary of being a radio host for adult alternative WQKL-FM 107.1 morning host Martin Bandyke. Back on Feb. 21, 1983 he began co-hosting the weekly Dimension program on WDET-FM. Dimension started in 1971 and was first hosted by the trumpet player Charles Moore, known for his work with everyone from the MC5 to
Yusef Lateef.

In September of 1991 Bandyke switched over to the weekday morning shift at WDET, then
started doing weekday afternoons in June of '92, which is where he stayed until WDET went virtually all news/talk in December of 2005.

The veteran host joined WQKL-FM, aka Ann Arbor's 107one, as the 6-10am morning drive host in January of '06, and also currently hosts the freeform Fine Tuning program on Sundays from 4-6pm on 107one.

In addition to special CD and ticket giveaways on his Feb. 21st morning show, a plan for a concert is in the works. Also, on the Feb. 24 Fine Tuning program Bandkye is set to play songs that he was playing back in 1983, like R.E.M., New Order, Prince, Echo & the Bunnymen, etc.

Says Bandyke, "I remain proud of the fact that I've survived and thrived on the radio in Detroit and have played some really cool music for the last 25 years."

Detroit Free Press:

Former WWJ-AM (950) Vice President and General Manager Rich Homberg announced Monday the radio station's fifth annual winter radiothon generated about $600,000. The station held the 31-hour radiothon Feb. 8 and 9 to contribute to the Heat and Warmth Fund. THAW is a nonprofit that provides emergency energy assistance to low-income families, according to the organization's Web site... WWJ-AM raises $600,000 to keep folks warm (Fri, 2/15)

Toledo Blade:

The day before Mayor Carty Finkbeiner's spokesman was suspended for three weeks for allegedly using vulgar language with an off-air radio producer, the mayor himself used a profanity during a live interview broadcast. Mr. Finkbeiner uttered the "f-word" followed by "ruckus" to describe the "few days" after his order last week to cancel a Marine Corps weekend-long urban warfare exercise in downtown Toledo and in some abandoned buildings. The mayor spoke on The Frank Beckmann Show on WJR-760 AM in Detroit for nearly 16 minutes Tuesday... Toledo mayor's profanity aired on live radio in Detroit (Fri, 2/15)

WXYZ-TV Channel 7:

Every night she expects the public to trust her – working as a TV news anchor.
But Suzanne Wangler is accused of taking more than $100,000 from a local man – and now the police are on the case. Suzanne Wangler’s fate has dramatically changed since she was a TV reporter here in Detroit. She’s been in trouble with police several times and now this latest drama – a man who says she took more than $100,000 from him. On the air right now in Lansing – she uses the name Suzanne Page, but you may remember this anchor as Suzanne Wangler. She used to work as a reporter here in Detroit... Investigators: Missing Money (Fri, 2/15)

Michigan Radio introduces Mobile Web service

Michigan Radio, in partnership with NPR, has introduced two new services for public radio listeners and web users in Michigan. NPR Mobile from Michigan Radio is a collaboration between the station and National Public Radio that brings news and features from both NPR and the Michigan Radio news team to users of mobile phones and other devices.

NPR Mobile consists of two new services: NPR Mobile Voice, and NPR Mobile Web. NPR Mobile Voice allows listeners to make a simple phone call, access a menu of listening choices including NPR and Michigan Radio programming, and listen to the audio on any phone (landline or mobile). NPR Mobile Web allows users to access NPR news and features via their phone’s mobile web browser. It delivers text, audio, and pictures directly to users through a web site optimized for delivery to mobile phones and other mobile devices. Neither NPR nor Michigan Radio charge for this service. Data usage charges depend on the calling/ data plan users have with their carrier.

Among the services that mobile users can access are hourly local news updates from Michigan Radio, national news updates from NPR, the NPR Story of the Day, and business, health and science news stories. Users can also hear commentaries from Frank DeFord and other public radio commentators, find public radio stations across the country while traveling, and even play the “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me” news quiz.

Michigan Radio is the first public radio station in Michigan to offer this innovative service, and one of only twenty public radio stations across the country participating in the NPR Mobile Web partnership.

“These two new interactive services deliver our Michigan Radio topical content to users whenever they choose, wherever they are. We are very pleased to lead the state with this new innovation in partnership with NPR.” commented Steve Schram, Director of Broadcasting for Michigan Public Media

- NPR Mobile Voice from Michigan Radio can be accessed by calling 734-274-5662.

- NPR Mobile Web from Michigan Radio can be accessed at

Set your dial:

This week's edition of "The Evolution of Jazz" on WDET-FM 101.9 with host Ed Love will air on Sunday, February 17 at 8PM and is titled, "Electronic and Percussive Sounds of the 70s" ... Jackie Brown was a famous theatre organist from Scotland. Today, he's at the console of the famous WurliTzer in London's Granada Theater situated in the suburb of Tooting. His concerts were very popular because he always had a central theme. Jackie will be playing a series of railroad tunes on Somewhere in Time at 6:00 pm Sunday February 17th on WMUZ-FM 103.5 and WRDT AM 560 that range from Chattanooga Choo Choo to Casey Jones. The program is hosted by Tom Wilson and Heather Novak ... Judy Adams presents a live on tape performance from The Lewis Meyer Trio consisting of talented high school Jazz musicians from the Troy area at 11pm Sunday February 27 on "The Jazz Cafe Discovery Series", heard on WVMV-FM (98.7) ... ArtiFacts, the monthly arts and culture magazine show that provides ‘A View of Detroit’s Urban Art Scene’ is produced by the Arts League of Michigan and WRCJ 90.9FM, and airs every third Sunday of the month at 6:30 pm. This month, ArtiFacts host Karen Dumas will feature an informed conversation with Ministers of Music from local houses of worship that will focus on music in the church. The special invited guests will include the expertise and knowledge of, Bill Moss, Jr. of Christian Tabernacle Church, Robert Nix of Greater New Mt. Moriah Missionary Baptist Church, Glenn Miller of Kirk in the Hills and Dr. Dorgan J. Needom of Unity Baptist Church. This ArtiFacts episode will air on Sunday, February 17, 2008 at 6:30 pm on WRCJ 90.9FM.







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