Michigan broadcasters to air consumer awareness ad on digital television transition simultaneously




The Michigan Association of Broadcasters (MAB) has announced that 43 Michigan television stations are taking a rare action by simultaneously airing a 60-second consumer awareness minute on the transition to digital television. The joint airing of the consumer awareness minute will take place at 7:58-7:59 p.m. on Wednesday, February 20.

“The fact that 43 Michigan television stations have committed to airing the consumer awareness minute during this high viewership period demonstrates the commitment Michigan broadcasters have to ensuring that all Michigan citizens are aware of the digital television (DTV) transition,” said MAB President and CEO Karole White.

Under federal mandate, most analog television broadcasting will end on February 17, 2009, and be replaced by digital television. Consumers with cable, satellite services should notice no disruptions in their services. Citizens who receive their television signals over-the-air via rabbit ears or a roof top antenna must take steps to continue to receive their favorite channels. They can: subscribe to cable or satellite services, buy a new television with a digital tuner, or install a modestly priced converter box on their current set to continue to receive a television signal.

The consumer awareness minute that will air on Wednesday, February 20 is done in the form of a television news report. The message informs viewers of the DTV transition deadline, and briefly discusses steps consumers need to take to prepare their televisions for the new digital era. The message also directs consumers to get more DTV information from a website that has been developed by the MAB, which is www.michigandtv.com.

The airing of the consumer awareness minute is part of a broader MAB Digital Day being held on Wednesday at the State Capitol in Lansing. MAB and key stakeholders will use the event to announce their year-long DTV education and assistance program to help Michigan citizens prepare for the DTV transition. The MAB news conference is scheduled as follows:

MAB DTV News Conference
Wednesday, February 20
11 a.m.
State Capitol Rotunda







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