The 'Fat gets cut in Kalamazoo

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WYZOThe radio dial in Kalamazoo went on a crash diet yesterday afternoon when MidWest Communications' FM 96.5 abruptly changed format from classic rock as WFAT to country with as 'Kalamazoo Country, Y96.5' with new calls WYZO pending.

No official word yet on the fate of the airstaff of the former WFAT, which included the syndicated Bob and Tom Show in morning drive.



What the hell happened? i loved the classic rock. As if there weren't already enough stupid country stations. you peole suck!!

Thanks a lot to the stupid morons in the area with no taste in music, we have lost a great classic rock station. May WZUU continue to climb up the ladder and kick WRKR's ass

That was the best Radio Station ever. If I wanted to listen to Country I would switch over to B93. This is a stupid Move. Change it back






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