West Michigan: Newsmakers Feb 3, 2008




Grand Rapids Press:

A new format at WMAX-FM (96.1) will be revealed Monday. Go to 961maxfm.com or listen to the ticking clock on the airwaves and you may be perplexed. A teaser campaign using the numbers 2.4.08 @ 10:01 leads me to deduce a new format will be announced at 10:01 a.m. Monday. Clear Channel's Doug Montgomery said "MAX will not be returning... WMAX-FM teaser campaign Sun, 2/3)

Angie Vuyst started as a phone screener in radio when she was 17. She started working her way up at Clear Channel radio as a morning-show producer, on-air talent and assistant program director. Now, at 25, she has been promoted to imaging and program director for news radio WOOD-AM (1300) and WTKG-AM (1230). "I threw my hat in the ring. I know my stuff. I was jumping for joy and doing high-fives when I got the good news about my position," she said... New program director at WOOD-AM (Sun, 2/3)







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