Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Mar 13, 2008




Detroit News:

Tucked away on a quiet street in a Warren industrial park, a $14.95 skeleton from Wal-Mart is having a shrieking argument with a plastic plant. The two are sitting in a vintage hearse, with a husky wolfman at the wheel. "There's a weed whacker in the trunk!" the skeleton taunts the plant. A violent fight breaks out. "If you two don't knock it off, I'm going to turn this car around," the werewolf warns. Then he grins at the TV camera, howls and delivers his tagline: "Hey kids, it's time to lock the doors, pop some popcorn, roll out the sleeping bags and watch 'Wolfman Mac's Nightmare Sinema.'" This is Stage 3 Productions, and original, local television is being created as Wolfman Mac, Detroit's first horror movie host in decades, films a show late on a snowy Thursday. "Wolfman Mac's Nightmare Sinema" premieres on TV 20 Friday night at 1 a.m. (technically Saturday morning), with a furry, wisecracking host presenting the best of the worst black-and-white horror movies, as well as demented skits... It's alive! Wolfman Mac brings horror B-movie classics back to local TV (Thu, 3/13)

Gone-country pop star Jewel -- along with Trisha Yearwood, Gretchen Wilson, Lonestar and Westland native Josh Gracin -- is heading up this year's WYCD-FM (99.5) Downtown Hoedown, set for Detroit's Hart Plaza, May 9-11. The 25-year-old, free, three-day concert will star more than 30 acts in all, including a host of local talent... Hoedown attracts big star power (Thu, 3/13)







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