Metro Detroit: Newsmakers Mar 8, 2008




Detroit News:

Quick, what's "snowy" and "breezy" weather? That would be "sneezy," according to Detroit weather wit Sonny Eliot, and an appropriate description for this snowy week. Eliot is part of a new exhibit opening today at the Detroit Historical Museum: "Detroit's Classic Radio Voices." On display are photos, awards, records, clothing and other artifacts relating to six iconic air personalities: Eliot, Dick Purtan, the late J.P. McCarthy, the late Martha Jean "the Queen" Steinberg, Ernie Harwell and Bob Allison. Most important are the audio clips of each of the icons that play continuously as you're looking at the exhibit. So you hear Martha Jean "the Queen" in full spiritual mode, thumping on the table as she exhorts: "I'm on my knees, crawling, I'm telling the people don't step on me, I've got to be delivered this morning, I've got to be healed this morning not tomorrow, not this evening, but this morning!"... New exhibit gives voice to six iconic radio figures (Sat, 3/8)







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