Metro Detroit: Newsmakers April 16, 2008




Hot 102.7 Hummer gets hijacked, recovered

Tuesday around 1:15PM, one of the HOT 102.7 promotions staff members ("Shug") was at the Mobil gas station on Jefferson Avenue near St. Aubin re-fueling our vehicles as we prepared for another day of hitting the streets of metro-Detroit. Then without warning an area teen, brandishing a handgun, demanded the keys from Shug. In seconds, the teen sped off in our prized Hummer H2. In leaving, the driver hit another vehicle with two passengers, of which we believe to be the accomplices, as he headed down east Jefferson. Then HOT 102.7 went into action ... Suga Rae went on the air to ask Detroit for help in finding the Hummer. Tips came into the studio by the dozens ... the tips began to center around the Canfield Road area on the eastside. Listeners were saying they spotted the Hummer joyriding with the teens hanging out the window, without a care in the world... Read more and see video at WHTD-FM web site or







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