Mid-Michigan: Newsmakers April 10, 2008





WPRJ In LMA, Promotions Handed Out:
New media company PASSION COMMUNICATIONS, a subsidiary of PARTNERSHIP MINISTRIES, INC., has entered into an LMA with COME TOGETHER MINISTRIES for the oversight of Christian CHR WPRJ (101.7 THE FUSE)/SAGNIAW-MIDLAND, MI. The station has been consulted by THE PASSION GROUPS's RICK WELKE for more than three years. WELKE now assumes the role of PASSION COMMUNICATIONS President, while continuing his work with select industry and radio outlets within the music industry.

"I've been honored to work with the great staff at THE FUSE and have watched them transition into a strong team that is passionate about impacting mid-MICHIGAN and beyond for the sake of sharing the gospel through music. The way that this has transpired has been no less than a miracle and something that the new management team will not take lightly. Our intentions are not only to make a larger dent in the MIDLAND-BAY CITY-SAGINAW, MI tri-city area, but to develop a new format in the Top 40 mindset that will position us distinctly in the pursuit of touching individual lives," says WELKE.

A few current FUSE staff members have been promoted. PD AARON "DICE" DICER has been elevated to OM effective APRIL 15th. Overnights JOSH THOMPSON takes over as MD and IT Manager. He will report directly to DICER. (Thu, 4/10)

WCVM Bronson flips

Taylor University closed on the purchase of WCVM FM 94.7 Bronson from CSN International and has started simulcasting its Christian WBCL-FM 90.3 Fort Wayne, IN on its newest station.

Executive director Marsha Bunker explains, “There are numerous people in the 94.7 area that listen to us via 90.3 while in their cars, and they receive a sporadic signal in their homes. The new station will provide a consistent sound that can be heard 24 hours a day. This will also allow WBCL to make adjustments to the Fort Wayne antenna which will strengthen our signal in the southwest.”

WBCL’s programming is a blend of contemporary Christian music and inspirational talk; in addition, they plan on providing local news stories, school delays and closings, community announcements, and periodic remote broadcasts from special events for 94.7 listeners.







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