Mid-Michigan: Newsmakers May 15, 2008




Oldies replaces classic country in Caro

In April, WKYO AM 1360 Caro switched its musical focus from classic country to oldies. It was back in March 2007 WKYO took on the classic country format after many years of a mainstream country direction. The station still offers regular news reports and community information in addition to its locally-based oldies programming.



Flint Journal:

Saginaw native Mike Matthews never forgot the day he was mugged by members of an infamous Detroit street gang, the Erroll Flynns. "I was coming out of a coney island, and they took my shoes, hat and coat," he said. "They pushed me around, knocked me down. I was 18 years old, and I'd only been in Detroit for six to seven months. I got a good introduction." That experience is the inspiration behind a television show that Matthews has been writing and producing with his brother Craig, who lives in Richmond, Va. Titled "The Flynns," it will be based in Flint and partly filmed here. Television and Broadway actress Melba Moore and comedian T.K. Carter are starring in the pilot and series... New TV show to be filmed in Flint (Tue, 5/13)







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